Glockenklang Soul/Rock/Sky - please distinguish

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    I played through a Soul head several years ago and was effectively blown away. Since then the head has shrunk into a class-D package as did the Rock. Then the Blue Sky turns up.

    For those of the Glockenklang persuasion and have experience among the three, what are the differences between them both sonically and in build spec?
  2. fast slapper

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    I've only heard the Soul II and Bass Art Classic head.

    From what I've read the Sky will be the most transparent with its class A preamp. The Rock will have a little more color with the ability to be over-driven. The Soul was made obsolete by the Rock. Although I run an active 3-way these days I could live with any Glock stack and be very content. The BAC with their Volt loaded 4x10 is still one the most memorable bass rigs I've heard.

    Edit: There's the newer Steamhammer as well. Also features a class A preamp and drive section. Maybe the best of both worlds?

    I think the Blue Rock or Steamhammer fits nicely with your sig.
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    The history of Glockenklang heads is a little more complicated.

    At some point they created two lines, the Bass Ware products and the Bass Line product, but they seem to have dropped this classification.

    The Bass Ware products included:
    Soul (discontinued), Soul II(discontinued), Heart Rock(discontinued), Heart Rock II(discontinued), Blue Soul(discontinued), Blue Sky, Blue Rock and Steamhammer. This list spans well over a decade, and includes most of the product sold in the US.

    The Bass Line products are their flagship products, which included:

    HeartCore (discontinued), Bugatti Preamp (discontinued), Bugatti Poweramps, Bass Art Head/Preamp (discontinued), Bass Art Classic Head/Preamp. The Bass Art was replaced with the Bass Art Classic, which was upgraded from 300 watts to 400 watts, and the eq was modified to Class A. I am not sure of the status of the BAC head/preamp and Bugatti. They are both outstanding, but may have been discontinued, although they both appear on the english language part of their site.

    All Glockenklang products are very high quality, but the Bass Line products are sublime. Udo got into bass amplification when, while designing/building studio equipment, a bass guitarist friend asked him to design/build an amplifier for him. Others wanted the same amp and Glockenklang was born. The above is as I understand it, and I could be missing some things. They have been around for a long time....

    I have also seen it reported that the Blue Sky is closest to the BAC. There are threads on the forum that discuss these heads, and in some cases direct comparisons. Here’s one with a lot of posts:

    Glockenklang Blue Sky vs Blue Soul
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    Mar 11, 2008
    I can't make up my mind between Blue Rock and Blue Sky...
    Is there someone who's familiar with both and played them?
    Could you explain to me their specific tonal differences?
  5. J.Wolf

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    I'm hunting for a used Blue Sky or Blue Rock if anyone has a line on one. :) thx
  6. MarkA

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I've never played the Blue Soul or the Blue Sky, but I did have a Blue Rock and a Heart Rock II at the same time. FWIW, while I noticed some differences between the amps when used as standalones (I felt the larger HR2 had a little more weight to the notes, smoothness, and detail), I found the Blue Rock front end run through the power section of the HR2 (via the power amp input or via the Effects Return) to sound almost identical to the HR2 used as a standalone, which leads me to think that the preamps are very similar.

    I asked @Helge_Glock about this at the time and he attributed the differences heard between the amps to the different power sections (though he can comment further or correct me if he wishes). To be clear, I think that the Blue Rock is a good amp (clear, articulate, hard-hitting), though I preferred the feel and the sound of the HR2.

    I'd love to try a Bass Art Classic (which is supposed to be less colored and even more clear than the HR2) some day -- if the Blue Sky is supposed to be similar, I'd be curious to try that, too.
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  7. emjazz

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    Feb 23, 2003
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    Bass Art Classic is the greatest amp I've ever played. Hands down. Nothing touches it. I dream of finding one just to have.
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  8. I have the BAC pre. Truly amazing. You can play chords followed by deep bass and it sounds like you’re through two amps. It is the best SS pre I’ve heard. It’s warm and has that sweet harmonic content.
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  9. emjazz

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    Feb 23, 2003
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    That's what I scour the internet for...a BAC pre. Near impossible to find.
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  10. steelbed45

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    Feb 23, 2011
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    It's definitely on my short list as well.
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  11. J.Wolf

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    Apr 29, 2003
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    I wish I had never sold my BAC pre, that was such an amazing sounding piece. Agreed nothing really touches the BAC stuff, but I’m hoping the blue sky comes close. There is a BAC head for sale at Rockhaus guitars in WI, just a heads up for anyone looking.
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  12. tombowlus

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    I have a few Glockenklang heads, including a Blue Sky and a BAC, and I did a review of the Blue Soul, so I am familiar with it, as well. My Blue Sky has the 1,000w power section (which I believe is the same used in the Blue Rock, but it might just be a tweak to the normal 700w module). I really liked the Blue Soul, though the Blue Sky does get closer to the airiness and life of the BAC. You may not hear the difference in the mix, but played solo, the Blue Sky just has more of that harmonic presence and life, while being just as clear/clean. The BAC has this harmonic presence and life in spades, and it also has this sense of "sonic texture" and heft which the class-D heads don't have (despite the BAC putting out half the output power). It feels like maybe in terms of layers of harmonics - in addition to the fundamental - the order would go Blue Soul, Blue Sky, BAC (from less to more). The Blue Rock is another phenomenal sounding head, and while it has the Drive option to allow you to dial in some overdrive, the Blue Rock is fully capable of being an awesome dedicated clean machine. Side by side, and both set for clean headroom, the Rock/Sky are very close (with both being a tad more open than the Blue Soul), but the Sky seems to emphasize the "lively" kinds of harmonics, and the Rock seems to emphasize the "growly" kinds of harmonics. Sorry I can't be more precise, but I've only hear the two side-by-side at NAMM Shows. One reason I chose the Sky over the Rock is the semi-parametric mids, as opposed to the switchable mid-EQ points on the Rock. I could be very happy with either, though, and in truth, I was very happy with the Soul when I had it in for review, as well.

    On the topic of Glockenklang heads, I will say that if you don't mind a little weight, the Heart Rock II is another great option. I previously owned a Heart Rock (I), and I now own a Heart Rock II, and the II is definitely closer to the "bell-like" tone of the Heart-Core and BAC than the original Heart Rock, and it hits really, really hard. I will also say that the Heart-Core is another gem of the Glockenklang lineup. It's a toss-up to me between the Heart-Core and BAC as far as which has my favorite tone. I need to spend some time with the Heart Rock II and Blue Sky to see which one comes in third. Both are great.
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