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Go go my broken wrist!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Arikash, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. This is how I busted the **** out of my wrist during a hockey game.

    It's Friday night, first game in what turns out to be a 5 game tournament, it's late, like 9pm, second shift, I'm skating the puck up the boards, so guy hits me, but he came in early, I saw him coming, and thought I was prepared for it. Turns out he hits my arms, my glove comes off(no big deal, try not to get slashed), I get the puck in the corner like I wanted etc. Whistle blows 20 sec later, I forget why, I get my glove, and while skating back to the bench, I realize that my left arm is numb, and that it shouldn't be. I tell my coach, who then proceeds to roll up my jersey to look at it. Turns out, where my wrist should be is just a huge upraised lump, I'm like holy ****, that can't be good. So I get off the ice, and it just so happens that Wisconsin doesn't have any rules that they have to have medical staff on duty, so I have to have the coaches son help me get out of my gear while we wait for the ambulence(the only other thing we had was the team bus) to arrive.

    In the ambulence, they ruin one of my good shirts when they stick the IV into me. They went through the elbow, and that makes a big bloody mess apparently. They give me some morphine to help subdue the oncoming pain that I can't feel because I'm still trying to get over the fact that I broke my arm.

    At the hospital, I got more drugs :bassist: , and had people literally lined up to take care of me because I believe I was the only one there. They took about 5 x-rays before they even attempted to set anything. It turns out that I put both bones through the growth plate. They have my parents on the phone, me high as a kite, and they're asking my parents for permission to perform surgery because they thought they might have to. So the doc comes in, gently picks my arm up, and says that he's going to set the bone as best he can. I've never broken a bone before, so I didn't know what kind of treat I was in for. Setting a bone is the most painful thing I have ever expirienced in my life, even after lots and lots of drugs. So I get a cool white cast up to my armpit, and a cab ride to the hotel with my coach. Before I go, they doctor proscribes some vicodin, and they give me 6 pills before I go.

    My parents come up, we go home early etc. I have an appointment with a local doctor, where it turns out that the bones aren't the way he wants them to be, and they need to be pinned. So, a week later, I was in the local hospital waiting to be put to sleep, so they could stick pins in my arm. It turns out that not only did I put 2 bones through the growth plate, but I also fractured two other bones on the side, and I hurt the ligiments(sp?) making my injury even more fun.

    It also turns out that the local doc perscribed me some more vicodin, a 40 pack though, score!

    A few weeks later I have another appointment(note, both casts have been all the way past the elbow, and white). It turns out that the bones still aren't lined up correctly, so he takes off the current cast, and after some cranking of the wrist where I almost passed out in pain, I get casted with my hand palm up, or almost. So I think, hey, maybe I'll get to have a short cast so I can play again.... BUT no! I get to have another big cast, although at least I get to choose the color this time(blue).

    So, 6 weeks after the pins are put in, I get my third cast off, they take some x-rays, and I finally have a good doctor's appointment, and he says I can take my cast off, and I have an optional brace! So I'm thinking maybe I can play again(at this point it had been 7 and a half weeks), but nope, sorry. I have 4 weeks of therapy, so that I can move my elbow and wrist again, because big suprise, I can barely move them!

    So 4 weeks later(today) I go back, and we take some more x-rays, everything is healed, and back towards my elbow, the bones are lined up correctly, but as you move towards my wrist, the ulna I think(I was to busy saying *** to myself to remember)bends upward, I literally mean it bends, there is no fracture or anything, it angles upward. The doc is confused as hell now, he's heard of this happening, but never seen it, and has no idea how to handle it. So now, on the 10th, I have another appointment with a specialist to see if I have to have surgery again, or if that's just how I am, or if we're just going to leave it.

    The good news however, is that I get to play hockey again. I got hurt on December 5th, and finally got cleared today, so if someone wants to do some math for me, that'd be great.

    Edit: I might add that there are like 2 or 3 games left, out of our 50 or so =/
  2. I just dislocated my pinky at the second training session of the rugby season. Great way to impress the new coach...I'm sorry to hear about your far more serious injury. Glad you got some good news, though.

  3. karrot-x

    karrot-x Inactive

    Feb 21, 2004
    Omicron Persei 8
    Last year I broke my thumb in two places and tore a ligament in my ring finger on my fretting hand. The one thing I asked was to make sure that my wrist would be in a playing position. The doctor was glad to help, he bent it just right so I didn't miss a day of bass :).

    Thumb still doesn't feel right though :/ oh well I can still :bassist:
  4. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    I have dislocated thumbs before, and that sucks. I also cut my thumb open and nipped a tendon, but it was only an extensor tendon, and I barely got it. But my thumb was in a brace for quite a while. I had to play without my left thumb, and that wasn't fun. Also, just recently, I got tendonitis, and my mother just freaked out about me playing bass. Good thing is, playing never really bothered it, but wrenching on cars did. So I had to slack off on that a bit. But all turned out well.

    I hope you can keep from injuring yourself any further, because it sucks not being able to play. That is why I quit skateboarding for the most part. Too much chance of injury that could leave me unable to play. And I like playing bass more than skateboarding.

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