Go to (2) 1x15s, 320w @2ohm; or stay 2x12, 225w @4ohm?

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  1. (2) 1x15s, 320w @2ohm

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  2. 2x12, 225w @4ohm

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  3. It won't make much difference.

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  4. Maybe you should just play through your little Orange combo and eat more carrots.

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  1. Riff Ranger

    Riff Ranger Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2018
    Bigfoot Country
    I've got a Mesa Buster 200w 1x15 tube combo that I love (which probably deserves a second Mesa 1x15), but I also have a thing for old Peavey gear, and I'm tempted to put together an all-Peavey rig that gets me in the same ballpark when it comes to volume. I have a Mark IV head (225w @4ohm) that sounds like a Peavey should, but the DDT compression kicks in on every note at all but the lowest volumes; it seems like it should get at least as loud as my Buster with either my 4ohm Peavey 1x15 or 4ohm Schroeder 2x12, but the DDT really kills the usable volume. Would adding a second 4ohm Peavey 1x15, which would get me down to 2ohm and up to 320w, get me a worthwhile increase in volume? What would you recommend?

    Impracticalities and impossibilities:
    • Running the Schroeder 2x12 and Peavey 1x15 is of course possible, but impractical and ugly, as the 2x12 is a wedge.
    • My practice space, and my access to it, rule out those sweet old 2x15, 4x12, 1x15+2x8, 1x18+2x10 cabs, otherwise I might just do that.
    Possibly fun, if still impractical:
    • I do also have a 100w Peavey Century head I could possibly throw into this situation.
    A Mark III head (defeatable DDT! wish I could get one of those in decent shape) and Ampeg 2x15 served me well back in the '90s. Might a Mark IV with (2) 1x15s recreate that magic?
  2. Raw N Low

    Raw N Low If I can't hear it, hopefully I'll feel it Supporting Member

    Jul 16, 2009
    Denver, Colorado
    I'd hunt down a Peavey Megabass and another 212 cab. You can run each amplifier down to 4 ohms at 200 watts.

    EDIT: Another amp to consider is a Peavey 120/120. They do come up from time to time if your patient. They offer 120 watts at 8, 4, and 2 ohms per channel and can be bridged for a combined 240 watts. It's all tube and plays very nice with PA systems. The amp offers a DI level for each channel as well. If you don't mind the extra weight -- I would strongly consider this amp for your rig. Keep in mind it's a power amp, so you can pick up a Peavey bass preamp and have a killer rig.
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