SOLD Godin A4 Ultra

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    Hey Y'all,

    No pics yet -- I'll have some by the weekend.

    I picked this up used because I had a black A4 for a long time and really enjoyed using it for certain things. I thought I wanted that back in the "lineup" but my usual hand/wrist issues cropped back up. I'm not a professional studio bassist (although I do get to play in the studio on friend's projects occasionally) and for what I do I can really stick with the most comfortable basses in the world for me, skinny necked G&Ls. Given that, and the desire to simplify (it's a cycle), this is on the block.

    It's an excellent condition A4 Ultra with all that entails. Piezo bridge (individual saddle elements), magnetic pickup, 13-pin synth output, two 1/4" jacks, preamp for controlling & mixing all those things, etc. See the A4 manual ( for a full description of the controls. The neck is 1.5" wide at the nut with a nice satin finish. These are really nice basses and the Ultra has a lot more tones and capability than my old A4 with only piezo/preamp had.

    Condition is excellent - I picked it up used but it looks essentially new. Godin gig bag included.

    $750 shipped CON48, paypal OK

    - G&L Tribute JB-2 (sunburst/maple, <9lbs)
    - possibly G&L L1K or L2K with 1.5" nut width satin neck, <9lbs
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    Looks like a trade is in the cards to bring a wayward bass back home again

    And done. **** TRADED ****
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