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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Low-Bottom-E, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Low-Bottom-E


    Jul 17, 2010
    ***Weighs about 6lbs.

    Neck Type bolt-on one piece maple
    Fingerboard ebony on fretless model, rosewood on fretted
    Body Type mahogany body with spruce top
    Finish natural, sunburst or solid colors available
    Pickup(s) L.R. Baggs piezo in bridge
    Controls Baggs preamp with gain.bass/mid/treble sliders

    The Acoustibass sits somewhere in the void between solid body basses and these new-fangled "acoustic bass guitars". It looks like a P-Bass, but the body has hollowed out chambers and the bridge is like that of an acoustic guitar. In fact, there is no magnetic pickup, only a piezo setup built into the saddle. In addition to the body looking like a P-Bass, the neck is closely based on the early 60s Fender necks. It is available fretted or fretless and in P bass or J bass widths. My bass is a fretless with a P width. Fender fans will immediately feel at home with this bass. As there is no pickup top use as a thumb rest, Godin provides a rosewood thumbrest bar running parallel to the E string from the neck to the bridge. As the body is lighter than a typical P bass, the neck has a very slight tendency to dive, but it's not serious and is more than made up for by the overall light weight of the bass. Where Godin departs from other makers is that they did not stop at using a bridge pickup to get an acoustic-like sound, they added a set of resonators to the bottom of the bridge which vibrate at certain frequencies in order to emulate the resonances of an upright bass body. On the fretless model in particular, the illusion is very, very good. Because the pickup is non magnetic, you need not use metal strings. The fretted models are supplied with roundwound strings from the factory, the fretless comes with flatwounds. The bass is lighter than a typical solid body because of the hollowed out chambers. It is thinner than an average acoustic bass guitar as well. As it has no f holes it can't be used unamplified, but when amplified it is highly resistant to feedback. Construction is very good. By comparison with Fender's own AE Precision (made in Japan), the Godin has superior workmanship, better looking woods and far superior electronics and hardware. The Baggs system uses an 18V supply (two batteries) so it is extremely clean and has tons of headroom. This is one bass where you really will want to use the padded "active bass" inputs on your amplifier. This bass has a warm woody sound much like an upright and is a good choice for an electric player who needs that sound but is unwilling to make the jump to actually playing the big guy. It also is a very nice alternative to the Jaco Jazz Bass sound that most fretlesses go for. The 3-band EQ lets you get avariety of more "electric" tones. With the bass boosted and mids and treble cut, this makes an incredible reggae bass! If you've been looking for a more acoustic sound but have been put off by the drawbacks of acoustic bass guitars AND don't really need the bass to be usable unamplified, the Godin should be first on your list of basses to check out.

    Comes with gig bag...


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