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Godin basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Chris J, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. I played a Godin B4 today. One of the discontinued ones with all schaller hardware and EMG pups. Well I have a goal for this summer. It was on sale for $1000. What do you guys think? Is there anything I should know that the salesman wouldn't want me to? Thanks for the help guys.

    edit: That's $1000 Canadian. It was brought down from $1200 which was brought down from something else. Should I try to bring them down a little? It also comes with a case. Thanks.
  2. Come on guys. Gimmie some help. Why are all my threads ignored? I really need help here. Do you guys think this is a ripoff or a right on deal or what?
  3. Hi Chris,

    a guys nearby sells one (used) for a pretty good price (750$ Can)...

    here's the link
    Godin BG-4

    The add is in French if you need a translation let me know (BTW the guys has been trying to sell for 1 month or 2...)

    Hope this help
  4. Thanks for the ad. That's exactly the kind of post I was looking for. I can read french BTW. The more responses the better! Keep them coming.
  5. jelloyacket

    jelloyacket bass > guitar

    Jun 14, 2002
    McMurray, PA
    I got a BG-5 (older, EMG, Schaller, etc.) new for $800 (USD) this past wednesday. I'm loving it. The store also had a 4 like what you're looking at, for $670. Blue, with HSC.
  6. Erlendur Már

    Erlendur Már

    May 24, 2000
    I have one Godin BG5 and I love it, and I bought it for about 800 dollars I think.
  7. Thanks guys. I gotta say that I am obsessed with this bass. It's everything that I need. I think I'm gonna finance it before it gets sold. How is the B on that BG 5?
  8. jelloyacket

    jelloyacket bass > guitar

    Jun 14, 2002
    McMurray, PA
    The B works fine for me. Wish it were better, but my Peavey Basic 112 isn't exactly the best amp for a 5-string.
  9. So the B is fairly tight? That sounds like a great bass.
  10. td1368


    Jan 9, 2001

    Chris J
    Seems like alot of info on these basses are hard to come by. I've always heard great things about them but I have never seen them in the U.S. stores.

    If it works out you get the bass gives all a review and some pics.
  11. I've never heard or seen a Godin bass, but the lead guitarist in my band plays a Godin, and he loves it (and I think it sounds great too!).:) I'm sure their basses are built well also.
  12. In Vancouver, a new Godin BG-4 from Long & McQuade costs $1045.00 without tax. That is the regular price...perhaps your store bumped up the price then put it on sale (just like this crappy Long & McQuade store). I hope that helps...
  13. Thanks for the support guys. I'm gonna go put it on layaway either tomorrow or the day after. I can't wait. I'll keep you guys updated.
  14. Hi Chris,

    just something to be aware with Godin's basses.
    I've read somewhere (maybe here in the archive) that some had shielding issues.

    You may want to triple check that (or use it to bargain a lower price!)

    Good luck!
  15. At the store the guy maxed out the gain, volume, and volume on the bass and held it 6 inches from the amp and it was dead quiet. Maybe I'll try soloing the pups and doing that. Thanks for the pointers.
  16. Hey Chris,

    You can't go wrong with a BG 5 or a BG 4. They are excellent basses, and made from an excellent Canadian manufacturer using the best wood out there!!!

    I have tried both the 4 and 5 strings. The B string is very punchy on the 5 string model. Excellent, versatile Bass.

    There is one for sale on Ebay at the moment, have a look, it seems like you can have a good deal !
  17. ptuckerbass


    Sep 12, 2000
    Orlando, Fl.
    I just checked E-bay a few minutes ago. There are two BG-5's and a BG-4 for sale. One of the BG-5's has a buy it now price of $450 and the bidding starts at $375. If I had some extra cash, it would be mine right now. A nice fiver with EMG's, Schaller hardware, and great build quality. You can't beat it.
  18. I did it. I bought a Godin. But the blue one I went after was sold the day before I arrived. So they dug one up from the basement and I got on eof the newer ones with SD pups and pre (oh my god!) and non schaller hardware. It has the flamed top and a tobaco burst finish......good god what a bass. I got it for $975 or something like that with case. It's a great instrument. I'm still trying it out and I'm still all excited about buying it but it's the best bass I've ever played. The slap contour switch sounds great but still requires a bit of tweaking to get the crispest, bassiest, slap tone I've ever heard. I really love it. It sings! The EMGs were cool in the other one but....SD is sooo much better IMO. What a beauty. I'll try to get some pics up. Might take a little while though. Sorry....that is if anyone cares to see them. In a few weeks I'll put up a real review. Thanks for the help guys.
  19. Does anyone know what kind of hardware are on their basses. It's the one that they have posted on their website. http://www.godinguitars.com/godinbgp.htm
    That's the URL. If someone could tell me the maker of the hardware I'd really appreciate it. I'm pretty sure that Godin doesn't make their own stuff.
  20. td1368


    Jan 9, 2001
    Love to see some pics. How about some mp3's?

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