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Godin BG-4

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sterlingsxe, Feb 24, 2001.

  1. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    Hello everyone.
    This is my first post. I hope i am doing this right. I saw was looking on here for a bass under 400$. I saw someone say the Godin BG4. I was wondering what the price range of this bass is and where i can find it. I have a fender hot rod bass now and i was looking for a back up bass. I have like a little under 500 to spend. So i would liek teh Godin BG4 if someone could give me the price range on this i would appreciate it. And it is a good bass right?
  2. As far as the Godin BG-4 being a bass for under $400, that isn't the case unless you're getting it used. Even at that price it might be a reach used. They "list" for $1250 so the "street price would likely be around $800 new. As to where you could find one, click their website www.lasido.com and find your nearest dealer. Good luck.
  3. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    Then what kind of bass is a great bass that is around 400$. I know liek 15 years ago teh music man bass was liek 500 so i am hpopping to find a bass like that that no one knows about. Has any one heard of teh kingston?
  4. basslax


    Apr 20, 2000
    Washington, DC
    i am looking for a BG5 myself, and contacted Godin, and they told me that they didnt license any on-line retailers to sell godin basses. so you wont find one online. just thought id let you know.
  5. The bass you're looking for is the Godin SD. It's a fine instrument as well - it's just more of a basic passive bass with P/J wiring. It's is very well made with very good materials. The necks on the Godin's are some ofthe finest out there.

    Frankly, I like the SD better than the BG4. The SD is a little more 'organic' sounding and feels really nice to play. The BG is nice too, but it's a little bit more of a 'modern' active style bass.
  6. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    Ok ok. Well i took a look at the Godin SD. I didnt think it had teh right look for me. Not only do i want a great sounding bass but agreat looking one would be nice too. What are the four basses around 400$ that are really nice. Don't include fender's. I already have a Hot Rodded PJ but give me the three best basses for around 400 dollars and give me reasons to buy them. Like if you had 400$ which bass would u buy and which is the best that loks cool. Thanx
  7. It's too bad you don't like the look of the SD. I like it quite a bit because it's not just another Fender knock off - I guess it's sort of like a cross between a Les Paul shape and a Tele.

    Seriously, I don't think there's a better made instrument out there for anywhere near that kind of money, so you really owe it to yourself to at least play one before deciding against it.
  8. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    Thanx Rob i really appreciate it. I am going to go play it today and i am going to play teh BG i hope i like the SD better lol. I will talk to you later. Thanx i appreciate al lthe help Bye.
  9. Unfortunately, $400 for a bass really limits you. At that price you have to choose between sound, looks or add ons (active pickups/electronics etc).
    In order to have an instrument that has quality in all the fields you'd have to spend about $1000 and up. With that in mind, a quality sounding passive bass would be in your favor. I would try out the Godin SD as was suggested. I'd also recommend the MTD Kingston www.mtdbass.com
    Try them both, they're likely the best you'll find in that price range. Good luck!
  10. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    I aprecaite all your guys help. I have found a bass for around 250 dollars. I started playing it and i realllly liked it. It is callled the dean edge. I am just trying it out. I may eventually replace teh pickups that oi have now for emgs later. But that will wait. I absoultly love the bass and earge u to try and play it.
  11. I would highly suggest that you upgrade and get the Dean Edge 4 as opposed to the Edge 1. The Edge 4 has much better hardware and electronics and it is much less expensive to buy the Edge 4 now than replace the pickups, electronics and hardware later (yes, the bridge, nut and tuners make a difference in sound because the strings resonate from them).
    I have played the Dean Edge basses but I will stick with my Spector NS basses! :)
  12. Sterlingsxe


    Feb 24, 2001
    Nah i don;'t even know if i am going to upgrade. The edge 4 has a totally different sound. And even though it is cheaper i like the edge 1 better. I like the bridge it has now. The pickups i asm diggin but i may end up puttin emg'z in and everythign else seems fine to me. I like it and it is perfect for wut i am doing.

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