Godin Freeway Active 4 with soapbar pickups

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  1. Pier_


    Dec 22, 2013
    Roma, Italia
    Hi Guys! it's been a lot since my last thread!

    I saw a wonderful and used-but-brand-new Godin Active 4 here in Italy: GODIN FREEWAY ACTIVE GOLD SERIES NEW!! - #6629572 - su Mercatino Musicale in Bassi Elettrici 4 corde

    it looks really nice, but I can't try it because we are too far from each other.

    I only found a youtube video of the Active 5:

    I fell in love with this sound, it's exactly what I'm looking for in this moment, a crisp and clear tone, modern but not "glassy" and fake.

    My only perplexity comes from the price range; I know the Godin's semihollow instruments, I've often played the classic A guitar with piezo and nylon strings, and saw many musicians with the A4 and A5 basses, with terrific sounds and quality, but the Freeway Active is a model I've only seen in one youtube video and a couple of ads on the web.

    does the Freeway Active stands tall in it's price range? I don't know how much it used to cost as new, so I can't have a concrete idea of the build quality, reliability on the long run, quality of the hardware...

    could you help me understand it?
  2. Pier_


    Dec 22, 2013
    Roma, Italia
  3. tindrum

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    May 2, 2007
    Suffolk, VA
    I’ve never played a Godin that wasn’t well built or one that didn’t have quality hardware. They are very good basses built in Canada. They tend to lose their value in the used market so they can often be purchased for the same money you’d pay for a Squier, etc.

    Last year I bought a used Godin B4 for $299. It’s an EXCEPTIONAL instrument with Seymour Duncan pickups and Duncan preamp. Great construction with a killer flame top and an incredible Birdseye neck. Absolutely stellar in every way.
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