Going Direct Disaster!(helix + di)

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  1. just got home from Sunday night's show at local club..

    All I can say is my band got screwed up big time!

    My rig is as it goes :
    Hx Stomp (SVT 4 amp + 810 IR with od/ds/fz and some modulations) going into Radial JDI for maximum safety
    which I send directly to the mixing board.

    Rehearsal was fantastic I must say!

    Then came my band's turn for the show, when I heard horrible cracking pops through the monitors and pa throughout the show...

    The soundguy wasnt able to fix it..

    On the other hand, other 2 bassists simply plugged in played thru the venue's amp line out without no stupid pedals :(

    And they were fantastic, the bands sounded fantastic!

    I suspect the soundguy forgot to set up the channel for my signal

    should we just go "purely direct" accepting whatever the venue offers?

    Had this problem occured at rehearsals I definitely wouldve put away the rig for tonight, but it was OKAY then.

    Did HX stomp went nuts momentarily? Couldve been anything who knows! 20190706_005815.jpg
  2. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    Lot's of possibilities. My guess based on your description is a bad cable or one of the plugs was not inserted all of the way. If the other bass players sounded great, it suggests the problem is with your gear. However, if the audio tech dedicated a mic channel to you, it could have been a bad mic cable, a bad snake channel, or a bad channel on the mixing console. The level of a JDI is probably not going to be hotter than the average DI, so I doubt your DI or signal level was the problem.

    I would put this in the :poop: happens category. Trust me :poop: happens to everyone! I would make sure your gear is good to go and not change a thing.

    However consider this. Having an amp on stage means you have a backup and can still hear when there is a technical problem or the audio tech drops the ball. You roll the dice if you run without an amp.

    If a back line is provided, I would suggest you plug the through from you DI into the amp and set it up as a back up, and just turn the amp's master down if you don't want to use it during the gig. In the event something goes wrong with the PA, then you can just crank up the amp.

    If it turns out your Helix is the source of the pops and noise, it would come through the amp as well. If this happens you can just unplug the Helix and plug your bass into the JDI, then crank up the amp as needed. To plan for this contingency, perhaps it would be a good idea to set the output of the Helix to the same nominal level as your bass.

    Whenever things go wrong, do your best to put on a good show and rock out like everything is going perfectly. Otherwise, people will think you are the source of the problem.
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  3. Nashrakh


    Aug 16, 2008
    Hamburg, Germany
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