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Going for the look and the sound. Black coated strings...

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Diesel Kilgore, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. I dont know all the black coated strings that are offered. But one that looks appealing is the Rotosound Nexus. Only problem I have is that they are Type 52. I do have experience with Rotosound quality. But not with Type 52 so im worried what kind of sound I will get.

    Im basically looking for a D'Addario Nickel XL with a black coating that will last as long as the string.
  2. SLaPiNFuNK

    SLaPiNFuNK Commercial User

    Jul 28, 2006
    LA California
    Owner: BassStringsOnline.com
    Alloy 52 is a nickel iron alloy. Nickel Iron alloy is used on a lot of different kinds of strings and generally lasts longer than NPS or Stainless as it does not corrode like NPS or Stainless. Tonally its between NPS and Stainless and in many cases hotter output (more magnetic).

    If you want a string that is like a D'Addario XL Nickel w/ a black coating you want to look at a Nickel Plated Steel string with a Black Coating.

    DR Black Beauties for example are a Nickel Plated Steel string with a Black Coating but those strings are Round Core so will feel totally different than playing D'Addario's flexibility wise...
  3. Thanks Jason.

    I see what you're saying because I haven't been able to find what I am looking for.

    But with a little sacrifice would the DR's be the closest string to what I want? Would they be more deep or more bright then an XL?
  4. billgwx


    Apr 10, 2009
    Centereach NY
    Do you mean coated or nylon tapewound? Big difference there. D'Addario Nylon Tapewound strings are essentially XL light gauge strings underneath. IMO they sound great on a P--they give you the best of flats and rounds, but that said I found them to be not quite bright enough for a power-pop or punk type sound.
  5. Lemon Of Troy

    Lemon Of Troy Banned

    Nov 6, 2012
    Palmetto State
    DR Black Beauties is about it.
  6. No just coated.