going from aguilar gs212 to a 410, would like some input...

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  1. i have an aguilar gs 212 right now that I use and I like the tone. For gigs, I normally put a gs 210 on top; however, carrying two cabs can be a pain, especially combined with the fact that I dont have a car. I have gigged solely with the 212 and it has worked well; however, it did have some problems filling the stage with sound and cutting through. im looking at either a gs 410 or eden 410xlt. ive heard the aggie 410 can have a lot of high mids, which I do not like. I never slap and go for a more old school tone. I am not sure how the tone of the gs 410 compares to the 212, if it helps, I do not like the gs210 tone alone. There is not nearly enough bottom. I like a good amount of bottom in my sound, would any of these 410's sound similar to the 212 and 210 stacked?

    FYI, my jazz is strung with flatwounds and I use a Genz GBE750 head, cut nearly all of the high mids with a slight boost on the low mids
  2. Well the 410xlt has a nice mid bump, what I would do if were in your situation is either an Eden 410xst or 212xlt. Also look into the Aguilar DB410.
  3. i dont think the db 410 will have enough lows for me. i do want something with great mids though as this will be my main gigging cab and will have to cut through. the 410 xst is definately interesting and has great low end response
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    If you don't like the GS210, don't get a GS410!

    Between the GS410 and D410XLT, I really prefer the eden. More punchy and fat.

    If you like the 12" tone but need more punch, look at a GS412, you won't be sorry and you'll never have trouble cutting through again.

    You might also try just switching to roundwounds.
  5. the gs 412 is a little too large for my situation. i defiantely am keeping flats, they are a part of my sound. I think the gs 410 would have more lows than the gs210. Pickles, what were the main diffferences you noted between the gs410 and xlt?
  6. +1 on the DB410
  7. the db 410 interests me a lot but ive heard it lacks some of the lows found in the gs410 and 410 xlt. any experience w/ it?
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    As to how the 410s would stack up to the 210/212 stacks - they won't. Completely different sounds. The 212 will always add a ton of booty that you just can't get with a 410.

    I take it you haven't played through either the GS410 or the D410XLT? If you're going to spend that kind of money on a cab, play through it first. Having never played through a GS410, I can't say how it would sound. But you can't go wrong with the Eden. Since the Eden is voiced to emphasize the low mids, you may not need to boost the low mids at all.
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    But 2-GS210's produce more lows than a GS410 and would be more portable...
  10. yah i havent played through either, I cannot find a store near me that carries them
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    Don't do it. About two years ago I went from a 410 to 212 and I never looked back. The 212, to my ears at least, sounds richer, fuller, fatter, warmer and just better.
  12. i do like the tone of the 212; however, since I want one cab to handle most of my gigging situations, i feel that a 410 will provide more volume
  13. Id say your best bet is an Eden 212xlt or 410xlt
  14. Yah I live in Boston and want to try out some Eden stuff. To my suprise, Boston has a horrible selection of quality music stores. I think im going to have to make a trip up to NH to try out some Eden gear
  15. and dont think just because the 410 is bigger or has more speakers it will give u more volume, for example and aggie 412 would destroy an 810.
  16. Really? I always assumed more speaker area = more volume, given that the efficiencies are the same. I have 3 gigs this weekend I'll be using the 212 alone at and see how it handles the situation. I do think I would be more comftorable with a 410 behind me as a standalone though. I would have to imagine an aguilar or eden 410 would be louder than their comparative 212
  17. The only thing that will make you feel more comfortable is if you are satisfied with your tone, if you want nice round fat old school tone, stick with the 12s, have u ever thought about getting a little GS112 to add on to you GS 212 ?
  18. No, but that is a good idea
  19. i do only want to have to bring one cab to gigs, a 3x12 would be perfect!
  20. lol tell me about it , in one cab i think the happiest you could be is with a Aguilar GS412 sounds right up your alley. Very easy to move around not heavy, sounds like heaven absolute heaven.