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    Sep 20, 2002
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    Hi - I'm going to a studio to record and this will be my first experience recording my URB. I will be recording both electric bass guitar and URB - but i'm concerned with the BG...have been through that already.

    I am going ot list my gear and hope to get an assessment of what you think in terms of do i need anything else, and how should i use what i do already have...
    1... older Kay bass
    2... K&K bass max pick up
    3... K&K pre amp
    4... Ashdown Electric Blue 12" combo.

    the music is gangsta folk. haha. bluegrassy. How should i approach recording? We will be in aa funky old studion with an analog board and 2" board. Not much in the way of compressors and all.

    Should I DI or line out from the Ashdown?
    Should I mic the speaker?
    Should I mic the bass? (Have never done this)

    As you can see I have a lot of questions...no idea where to start. I'd like to avoid spending to much time when i get there just messing around trying different things out.

    Can anyone here recommend how I should approach this? Thanks!

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    Aug 7, 2002
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    I would let the engineer and producer guide you. Hopefully they have some experience.

    I would be surprised if they mic the amp or use the amp at all. The natural, acoustic sound is the whole beauty of a string bass.

    They will probably put a big, fat expensive condenser mic a foot away from your bass. They will probably use a direct signal either from your pickup/preamp or from their own DI. Many studios have tons of different microphones. They may blend the direct signal and the mic signal together (or maybe not).

    If time and money aren't big concerns try to have them setup several different mics to compare. Maybe record a track or two and then go into the control room and listen. Let them know which one you think sounds like your bass.

    If you have headphones that you like bring those along. I always bring my AKG 240 when I record.

    Don't be nervous and have fun.
  3. Hey Erik,
    The Studio is awsome. They can run you thru the Main Board and get pretty much any sound you want. My Brother..ahum.. www.greathouse-productions.com ...shamless plug..has more gear than anyone I know and would prob mike your bass direct. If its a personal recording its your call...if its a contract its theirs to an extent. Have fun and when the producer says...uhhh, man was that a flat 7th you played over that chord like hes a dumbass and didnt know...and says how much he liked it and lets try it again...and again...and again and $$$....Have fun man:D