SOLD GOLD hardware - 5 Gotoh tuners and 5 knobs - price lowered

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  1. Howdy - all of this came off my made in Japan Yamaha Nathan East sig bass (converting it to all-black hardware).

    Gotoh GB-7 Tuners (5) - branded Yamaha and made in Japan - 99.9999% certain these are re-branded Gotoh. Work and feel exactly the the Gotoh GB-7 I have replaced these with. 3+2 arrangement (3 bass side, 2 treble side).

    Note: ONE tuner is an actual Gotoh - looks identical EXCEPT has a larger non-tapered post. Fits the same hole size as the "regular" ones and works great. In nice shape with some minor wear.

    $30.00 shipped CON U.S./Canada (PayPal only)

    Gold knobs (5) - in great shape

    $15.00 shipped CON U.S./Canada (PayPal only)

    **SOLD**Dunlop Dial Design strap lock ends (2) - these are the parts that go on the bass - don't have the strap ends. Gold and in good shape

    $5 shipped CON U.S./Canada (PayPal only)

    If anyone wants tuners and knobs - $35 shipped CON U.S./Canada (PayPal only)


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  2. Image of post difference between the single Gotoh and Yamaha tuners

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    Hey I will take these
  5. Hey - I'll sell them to you! :)

    On Hold pending payment


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