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  1. I need to get some more effect patch cables, and the ones i use aren't sold any more (3 pack of monster rock cables) now they only sell them separate for the same price i got them in the pack. So im looking at other patch cables now and is there any recommendations I've seen some on here looking through past threads but they are usually silver tipped, so here's my question.

    I saw some where a while ago (dont remember where) where alot of people were making a big deal of not mix and matching different color tipped cords and brands because your tone may suffer that true? I only have cold tipped monster cables.

    Also sorry if there happens to be a million post on this site I know how some people get but hurt over when people ask questions thats been asked a million times but i couldnt find any.
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    Thays a bunch of cr&p. I have at least 3 brands on my pedal board. Buy 1 mid priced cord and swap it in there and youll not notice a change. My only advice for patch cables is stay away from the braided outer insulation as they are not very easy to move around a tight board.
    Get decent quality stuff also but no need to look for the rolls royce of cables as they are just cables.... there are a million threads about that in hear
  3. alright cool appreciate it!
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    Go to ovnilabs (On my phone so cant post the link). He has a pretty good comparison of instrument cables.
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