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  1. Anyone know what effect Rinus Gerritsen is using on his bass in the song Twilight Zone? I can't quite put my finger on it.:confused:
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    Jan 29, 2006
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    Sep 25, 2011
    I just heard that today and I was noticing that ALL the tracks in that song are very full and rich, yet not overly affected sounding - much like Radar Love.

    As an engineer - to my ears it sounds more like really good Class-A recording equipment than any overt effect.

    My guess it that it's a great bass going into a great rig with some very careful compression being added by probably a very expensive nice old piece of gear...AND I hear a bit of chorusing - but it's SUBTLE and very well tuned so as not to cause phase problems or floppyness in the notes.

    Bottom Line: In a track that is as has the production sophistication of that song - it can be VERY hard to guess what they might really have done.
  4. Thanks both. MartinH, I had seen that page - as you say interesting, thanks for the input :)
    Thedane - yeah, a bit of chorus but couldn't put my finger on it exactly. Thanks. I'll try a tiny bit of chorus just to put an edge to it.
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    Sounds about right. He is a gear nut and had his own line of basses and guitars. Maybe there's also some creative micing going on? It has been a long time ago since I've seen them life (it used to be a mandatory yearly thing for every Dutch national). I remember a very good life sound, but most of al him shifting his dentures around in his mouth while concentrating on his bass solo.
  6. Awesome. I'm in Canada so I have Rush as a national treasure :bassist: I think we all have to attend one of their concerts at one time or another.
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    Used to cover both tunes back in the day.

    I think it was just roundwound strings and well EQ'ed top line equipment.

    We used to stretch Radar Love W-A-Y out with a bass solo.

    Those were the days, my friends.

    I did manage to catch one of their live show in about 1977.