Golden Tate signs with Detroit

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    Does this need it's own thread?

  2. You're not alone. I have a Patriots Vince Wilfork jersey, and it looks like he wants out of NE. My daughter has a Danny Woodhead Patriots jersey, and he now plays for San Diego. I'm sure it's pretty common all across pro sports these days. It's a business.
  3. fisticuffs


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    You poor guys. I'm A Packer fan named James Jones.... The OTHER James Jones almost got loose a couple years ago but A-Rodge lobbied the team to resign him. Not sure what will shake down this year as he is a free agent. I guess thew upside is whoever he signs with, my jersey is still accurate.
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    I'll also miss Tate.:crying:

    He is one of the best receivers that our team has had.
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    Apr 8, 2011
    Kam will remind him why he should have stayed a Seahawk when they inevitably meet over the middle. ;)
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    Tate plays like a Seahawk, so that will be quite the collision. Tate got flagged for absolutely taking out a linebacker while blocking for somebody else. I don't remember exactly when it happend or who they were playing, but Tate took the guy right out of his shoes. It was a Kam Chancellor hit, except it wasn't Kam Chancellor who did it. The Seahawks will reload. They seem to do pretty well finding undrafted receivers.