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Gondola ride to the gig????

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Tomorrow night we'll be loading our gear into a gondola car, riding up to the ski lodge on top of the mountain, unloading and playing for a buncha skiers and 'boarders.

    This is gonna be interesting.

    The pa, monitors, & lights are house-supplied, we just bring our backline.

    Anyone else ever go gigging in a gondola? Other interesting transports?


  2. So we arrive at the gondola boarding station. We load up the gear on a cargo car, then we climb into a passenger car. The car swiftly accelerates to a speed that feels like about 20 miles per hour. Here we are, swaying in the breeze, it's 35 degrees outside, looking up at the mountain we are about to 'climb'.

    Below is a small 'ski town', some yards are tidy and others look like 'Sanford and Son' salvage. It was an eerie feeling to look up toward the mountain, seeing the cable and support towers just vanish into the fog... a fog we were about to enter.

    The cable, running over the pulleys, made a resonant sound. I was trying to estimate the frequency, in hertz, but decided to give it a note name instead. The resonant frequency was in the key of "D".

    So we get to the gondola unload station, transfer the gear onto an elevator (luckily the elevator was quite close to the gondola and personnel elevator in the lodge). We setup in this nicely remodeled lounge, and i noticed the acoustics were rather lively. I did the old 'hand clap' to test for natural reverb. We should have coated the walls with solid steel. It would have had less echo than this room.


    Trying to make the best of it, we begin to play. There was a fair sized group of listeners, we began receiving applause each time a song was finished.


    Some ski-pants wearing, hat-haired folks weren't about to let a tiring, wet day of skiing ruin their evening... They start dancing in their ski boots!!!

    The club owner thanked us and said we were the best sounding band they've had for years. Nice to be appreciated. Wait - she probably says that to all the bands. Gratuitous comment maybe?

    Hey - variety is the spice, & the gondola gig was definitely different for our band 'NRG'.

    Any stories to share?