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    Dec 2, 2012
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    Up for sale is a brand new / just received item - TC Electronic K-115 K-Cab.
    I ordered it and ended up finding another cabinet I had been looking for, so the TC is up for grabs.

    From the manufacturer: TC Electronic has expanded their new K-series bass cabinets with a new 1×15″ model. The K-115 Bass Cab is fitted with a custom-made 15-inch driver and a one-inch titanium tweeter to pump out up to 400 watts.

    This is a new item (I just tested to make sure all is operational), it lists for $499 and retails for $280-300 (Amazon was running a promo on them for $250, not sure if it’s sold out).

    Price is firm - $180.
    First come first serve. You are buying a brand new item for a fraction of the cost.
    The price does not include shipping and I would imagine this would most likely sell locally since shipping could be costly, but then again, for $180 there’s plenty of room for ground shipping, if one is interested in shipping it.... just send the label and I will drop it off at the carrier of your choice.

    The cab is located in Los Angeles (by LAX) zip code 90245.

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