Good Acoustic Bass Strings?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by bertbassplayer, Oct 20, 2001.

  1. bertbassplayer

    bertbassplayer Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2000
    Carlsbad, NM
    What are some good Acoustic Bass Strings other than the TIs...
  2. harley_ou812


    Sep 30, 2001
    Lebanon, PA
    You can get decent results with electric roundwounds but you have to check the tension of them i have yet to try flats and i dont know that i will on mine. I have recently put on elixer nanoweb acoustic strings and love them. If you find something lemme know but right now i love these elixers. Just so you know you robably wont get much feedback on this subject. I have asked a few times myself and havent gotten any relies.
  3. Rotosound Jazz flats, light gauge 35-95 on my defretted Hohner TWP600B.

    the tension doesn't seem much different to the 45-105 Roto Swing bass roundwounds on my electrics.

    It's a sort of hybrid double bass/electric fretless sound. but less acoustic volume than phosphor bronze strings.
  4. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I got some Rotosound RS44-LD's just fer grins. I'm gonna
    try`em on my R/A (if work ever stops pagin' me :mad: ).


    Otherwise, I love them rubbery TI Acousticores. Oops! :p
  5. bertbassplayer

    bertbassplayer Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2000
    Carlsbad, NM
    I love the TI Acousticores... well the tone I get from them, the volume isnt the best though. My main problem is they are extremly expensive, and wear out really quickly.
  6. mainsale


    Apr 20, 2000
    I now have Elixer acoustic bass strings on my Martin B-1 and am very pleased with them. They keep their brightness for a long time, and I don't expect to change to anything else, as I'm totally satisfied with this excellent product
  7. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    >I love the TI Acousticores... well the tone I get from them, the volume isnt the best though. My main problem is they are extremly expensive, and wear out really quickly.<

    I'm glad you like the tone from the Acousticore's, but I must say that this is the first time I have ever heard of someone desribe the playing time as you did above. Since these were developed I have been getting reports from studio pros to hobbyists stating anywhere from 6 to 18 months of use from a single set! Lasting longer than coated strings, some say even longer jazz flats. Did they just suddenly go dead? Were there tonal imbalances or tarnish on the windings? Have you experienced this on more than one set? Did you get them online or elsewhere? Please let me know at your convenience as I would like to address the situation. Thomastik-Infeld strings are certainly supposed to last a long time, thats one of our tradematks. If this is a situation where you may have gotten a defect, I would appreciate the opportunity to prove thier longevity to you. Please feel free to call or email directly at: [email protected]
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  8. rsautrey

    rsautrey Inactive

    Jul 27, 2000
    Thomguy, I can't help but notice how much you stand behind your product. Not only on this forum, but Fender Forum and the Dudepit as well. I don't use TI strings (I tried a set of Powerbass but they really weren't as bright as I like, i.e. Dean Markley SR2000 or DR Hi-Beams). It's refreshing to see someone stand behind a product like you.
  9. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    Thanks for the kind words! I feel it's important, after all, what good is having a good product without equally good service to support it? BTW, Bertbassplayer has contacted me and hopefully we can post some good news soon...
  10. bertbassplayer

    bertbassplayer Supporting Member

    Jul 7, 2000
    Carlsbad, NM
    Yea, hopefully these will live up to what I've heard. If anything, I can say customer support from Kevin, is definatly A+.
  11. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    Let me just chime in about Thomguy (K. Reynolds), Connolly and Co. and TI...
    TI has a great reputation for quality, which goes way beyond magazine ads. They, and their US Distributor, Connolly&co., really stand behind their products. They are VERY interested in feedback from players. And they really pay attention to their customers needs.
    I have been a loyal TI user for some time (Jazz Rounds, Jazz Flats and Acousticores). I think they are amazing strings...and for me they last an incredibly long time. The pH in my sweat actually eats away at strings, and in the past I have been known to change strings as much as five times a week(sometimes even twice in a single night)! I have tried just about every brand of string available...and even did product testing for a couple. But it has always been my curse to allow a huge monthly budget for strings. TIs last and last. I have had Acousticores on one of my basses, which is played everyday, for 6mos now, and nickels on other basses for several months also. I perform regularly, and do studio/session work often...and for the first time in my career I do not have to change strings every day!
    A while back, I bought a set a flats, and as soon as I put em on, the ball end of the A string broke off. Hey, that stuff does happen. I contacted the online business from where I got them, and they said they would talk to Connolly and Co. The NEXT DAY, Mr. Reynolds e-mailed me asking about the string. They sent me out a new replacement that day, and asked if I could send the broken one back for their R/D people to look insure such a flaw does not occur again! I don't know of too many string compnaies who would walk that extra mile. But to top it off....the next week Kevin Reynolds (that Thomguy, folks) called me up in California just to check up on things and to see if all was fine! Now, that's customer service!!!
    Some players might say "strings is strings", which is a view I cannot endorse. TI's are, IMHO, simply superior in feel, balance, tone, and longevity. But if you do feel strings are just strings and one maker is not too terribly different from another, then consider the attention to detail, and customers, which TI and Connolly pay. It is truely extraordinary.
    Max Valentino