Good amp for $500 (w/10's)

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    Jul 11, 2005
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    I am kinda retiring from gigging, but want to have something on hand "just in case".
    I currently have a GK MB2-500 head and Avatar 212 Neo.
    I just picked up this rig in May.
    I liked the 212 at first, but really want to go back to a 410.

    I would like to sell both of these and put 75% of the funds into something less expensive and put the rest towards some bills.

    A local shop has a Hartke 410 Transporter I can have new for $225, and a used Hartke ??5000 head for $250(so a little over $400)
    Another shop has a SWR of some sort for $189. Some bone-head painted the grill blaze-orange.

    I'm also thinking combo. Carvin has a blemmed 600W 210 combo on Ebay for $460 w/free shipping.