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Good Bass for Big hands...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by maillotjaune, Jun 20, 2001.

  1. maillotjaune

    maillotjaune Guest

    Jun 16, 2001
    What's a good newbie bass for a guy with big hands? i've been looking at that DeArmond Pilot(4-string) at samash.com.
  2. I personally find fenders have rather large fretboards, in comparision to an ibanez or something smaller like that.

    what you could do is buy a 6 string bass and only put on 3 strings and skip a space in between :)
  3. Bc.Rich without doubt :)

    i have pretty big hands too, and i always loved to play the warlock bass a friend of mine used to have. too bad they sound like an old, juicy, smelly fart.. :(
  4. what is important when your looking for a bass, and you have big hands( i have very big palms, but my fingers arn't that big

    is the posistion your thumb will be at, if your fingers are long then it's not as important, but if your hands are just large then you have to whatch out for the thumb creeping over the top edge,

    also you can find that it's likely that you'll get fatigue quickly because you have to hold your hand in an un-natural posistion,

    don't go for a bass with a huge neck because you think it's more your size, find something that you can play well( without pain shooting down the back of your wrist)

    i really liked the Jazz bass profile, also try playing basses witha flatter profile opposed to rounder ones
  5. Hows about a Conklin 7 string?!! hehe
  6. yep, a 7 is good for all hand sizes i know an excellent 7ner and he has the tiny'est hands ever, womens size

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