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  1. Any recommendations for a good Bass mag? Something with more than just gear reviews and stuff? I'm a beginner (just started last week) and I'm looking for tips and a little instruction not to mention talk about inspiration, etc. I like Bass Player but I would think there are other bass mags out there.

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    Guess what, I don't find a lot of difference between Bass Player and these other than Bass Player as top dog has a bigger budget. The editorial content is amazingly similar.

    Bass Frontiers


    For instruction and inspiration, if you're at all interested in jazz, try this even though it's not bass-centric:

    Jazz Improv

    This last one is 100% focused on string bass, mostly classical but some jazz. No bass guitar content whatsoever! Includes a complete score in every issue!

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  3. Thanks Brian for the suggestions!

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  4. BassPlayer is great