Good carry bag for Aguilar TH500?

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  1. I'm looking for a good bag to carry everything except my bass and cabinets. Right now, I'm usiang a Backpack, but it's not idea because everything is all together, the amp gets scratched, cables get tangled, and it's tough to root around for something on the bottom.

    More specifically, I'd like to carry:

    Aggie TH500
    Handheld recorder (Zoom h4n)
    2 pedals
    A few small tools
    2 AC adapters
    Some extra junk

    It would be nice to have the amp in a padded compartment that fits it all by itself, and the rest of the stuff organized into a few different compartments/pockets.

    The Aguilar bag looks perfect, except it needs to have a couple more compartments or pockets for the pedals.

    What is everyone using?
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    Gator makes some good small padded mixing console bags that work well for this and don't cost a fortune. The Gruv Gear Staduim Bag was my go-to until it got stolen. I will be replacing it. I use the Aguilar TH350 with its bag and it has room for a power cable, a speaker cable and on patch cord and not much else. I think the TH500 bag is a similar fit. Its value to me is to protect the head when it's in a bigger bag or case. Well worth it for that though.
  3. Thanks, I'll definitely check them out!
  4. I use a Mono Flyby, the TH500 fits nicely in the zip off back part and the bag carries all my other gig needs and cables etc. the Mono Producer works well too.
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    I am using an LLBean Turbo Transit backpack. I have been using it for my regular gig bag for several years and it has held up great.
    I had it long before I purchased the Tone Hammer.

    It has several compartments, for storing everything I need for a regular gig.

    iPad and Tone Hammer 500 in one compartment.
    All cables (instrument, speaker, power, patch etc...) (including spares) in another compartment.
    Spare accessories (DI etc...) & tools in another compartment.
    Miscellaneous items (strings, batteries etc...) in front zippered compartment.
    Bottom compartment for extension cord, power strip and spares.
    Top zippered compartment for small items.

    The iPad is in a heavy duty protective case and the TH500 is wrapped in a thick towel.

    This bag goes to EVERY gig I play (even rehearsals). I prefer the backpack since it frees up your hands. It allows me to organize everything I need. If it were stolen today, I would order another one!

    Even if I use another head, the TH stays in the bag as a backup.
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    Jun 2, 2007
    I use those foam filled aluminum camera type cases for my D class amps.

    All leads and accessories go in their own case, an old IBM laptop case, from when laptops were the size of a pile of bricks.
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    $15 at Walmart

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    I use the Aguilar bag ... it is surprising what it holds ...IMHO
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    +1 on the Mono bags. Pricey, but these are rugged! For about 1/2 the $, I had a custom Studio Slips bag made for my MoMark head. It isn't as tough as the Mono gear, but it is good enough for local gigs where I am handling my equipment. The cat in my avatar is perched on it. She likes it.
    If you do a Studio Slips, get the double padding option.