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Good country to go rock-climbing, and base-jumping

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Doryan, Oct 12, 2002.

  1. I'm looking for great countries to go rock-climbing.

    Anyone has suggestions ?

    I want to go around january and/or february, and I'm looking for warm places.
    I was thinking about Africa and the American continent. Australia might be to expensive.

    What about base-jumping ? Is it illegal everywhere ? Got arrested twice here in Belgium :( .

    (Plus: I'm looking for great lakes and rivers to race a motor-inflate over.)

    Anyone aquinted with this stuff I'm asking ?
    Please help this tourist. :)
  2. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
    Bellingham, WA
    countries that come to my mind: mali, poland, united arab emirates, uruguay...
  3. Mali seems great.

    I was always fascinated by the sahara, especially the rock-desserts. I think they're awesome.
    Nature at it's best.
  4. Some of the rock outcrops in the Sahara....... I'd love to visit some, they're like alien landscapes.

    EDIT: Doryan beat me to it. But that's at least two for the Sahara rock deserts.
  5. You're welcome to come along parrott :D .
    I'm bound to go alone, cause everyone I know has acrofobia.
    You should be with 2 to go rock climbing.
    What I mean with climbing, is really climbing; using hands and feet. Not walking to tops of mountains.
    So what I'm looking for are really steep mountains, 50° to almost vertical.

    I started with this sport on places in the ardennes here in Belgium, but it were more earth terrains and nothing higher then 70 meters.
    Plus I want to enjoy some really good hot weather :) .

    Say parrot, you're from Scotland. I always wanted to visit Scotland. I think the highlands are amazing.
    Are there perhaps some steep mountains somewhere for me ? I'm thinking probably along the coastlines or some old rivers who have carved a nice scenery.

    EDIT: When is the best time of the year to come to Scotland ?
  6. Brooks


    Apr 4, 2000
    Middle East
    From what I have heard, New Zealand is THE place, but it is very far and therefore expensive.
  7. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    I think base-jumping is illegal pretty much everywhere - there may be some countries where it isn't, but I doubt that those have high buildings...
  8. theres great places to go rock climbing in usa.i live in new england and there so many good places.there som wicked indoor places too.boston rock gym u can climb over 100 feet then u can climbing like anther 50 feet on the celling.because i dont know any one that rock climbs iam stuck to them. this is the best place i have seen .in N.H. there are tons of places u can climb. the old man in the moutain u can climb like 30 feet away from it.that area has parts that are over vert.like over 90°. and u can base jump off of it u can land in a area thats open then u grab ur **** and run in to the woods.

    then u have yellowstone.if u rock climb u must know about it.

    now i want to make a trip around the usa skate boarding and rock climbing
  9. Yeah, for a european like me Australia and New Zealand is to expensive.

    But I still want to go someday when I'm older and have the money.

    I didn't know New Zealand was that rocky, thanks for telling me.
  10. Yeah, I know, it was just out of curiosity I was asking, I would do it anyway.

    It may be illegal but it doesn't hurt anybody, and I enjoy it. So ethic it feels right to me.

    Would airport security find it strange if I put a parachute in my luggage ?
  11. Yeah I know about Yellowstone, a dream for rock climbing.

    I was considering Africa, North America and Latin America.
    But I think I will like Africa the most.
    And it's less expensive.

    And in the remote area's of the desert, noone would care about base-jumping.

    I was thinking of afterwards going snowboarding in France, but that would be too expensive for this poor construction worker.
  12. any one want to go climbing with me lol.iam not ready for real climbing ill stay with indoor climbing till i get older.
  13. It won't work in January/February, but if you can make it down to Yosemite National Park, it has one of the greatest rock climbing challenges on the world. If you can get up enough skill and stamina to climb El Capitan, well, I would take my hat off to you, sir.

    Also, Here in Oregon is a great place called SMith Rocks. A whole bunch of basalt towers. World renouned. Very cool place.

    Rock on
  14. I actually didn't climb indoor that much. You can start outdoor from scratch, just start with easy climbs. There's not much analogy from indoor to outdoor.

    I also climb on a professional basis. I'm a construction worker on high altitude.
    My company builds high buildings. Not that I am a though guy with no fears. But when it comes to altitudes I just freak out.
  15. I will someday come to America to climb.
    In the USA you'll probably find the greatest terrains in the world.

    When is the best time of the year ?
  16. like i mean i dont have any one to climb with.
    ill go to a indoor place and climb alone .
  17. For anyplace in the US, between June and September. And if it's some place up in the Rockies, be warned that summer means nothing, it will still be cold and stormy.

    Rock on

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