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good deal at SamAsh.com?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by GTI, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. GTI


    Nov 27, 2003
  2. nice looking bass, nice price, seems like a deal to me. yamaha basses have a tendancy of being high quality for the price
  3. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Wow thats a deal. Too bad i just bought a Godin :p
  4. Airsick Pilot

    Airsick Pilot Cleopatra

    Jul 29, 2002
    Cockpit(throwing up)
    I used to have that bass. For that kind of money, the BB1000MA is a steal! Awesome bass. I would've still bought the bass if it was $900. It sounded and played so good and its worksmanship was top notch. Most people who have tried the bass say that the bass plays much better than its expensive brother, the BB3000MA. I have the same sentiments.
  5. Don't you love it when a lower end model actually winds up sounding better? :D

    if there are 2 basses that are just about exactly the same...only difference is neckthru vs. bolt on. My experience is the bolt on winds up sounding better. Not every single time, but in at least a majority of the cases I've seen.

    Odd. Just an observation.
  6. Airsick Pilot

    Airsick Pilot Cleopatra

    Jul 29, 2002
    Cockpit(throwing up)
    Same here.
  7. That's a killer deal. Sam Ash has these unannounced deals every once in a while, but not as often as Musiciansfriend. My advice if you're interested in that particular bass would be to jump on it. I've seen crazy deals like that disappear from one hour to the next.

    Mike ;)
  8. coffee-sipper


    Jul 10, 2003
    Raleigh NC
    DAMN IT!
    I got some serious GAS for this bass (BB1000MA) about 2 weeks ago. I was fickle for about 2 days while Sam Ash sold out of them, I was bummed for a week then I got over it. Today I was jonesing again for the bass but everywhere that still has this bass has only the green. Well for grins I clicked the link at the top of the thread and miraculously there is one left at SamAsh when two weeks ago they where totaly out (I even called). I quickly claimed it with the 15 mos. no interest financing. Now I just need to explain it to the significant other. Luckily I got the go ahead 2 weeks ago and hopefully that go ahead transfers to now. I guess Basses get lonely and I have been down to just one bass since early December.
  9. Aristotle


    May 12, 2002
    Easton, MD
    I was lucky enough to become the owner of one of these not too long ago and I am seriously in love with it. I almost had a slight falling out with bass after a messy break up with my band but after putting my hands on this, I have a new perspective on playing in general and I havent been able to go a day without playing it. Awesome
  10. coffee-sipper


    Jul 10, 2003
    Raleigh NC
    What color is your bass? It turns out I was again too late at S(c)am Ash, I got the dreaded your item is not available post purchase email (double damn it!) anyway I might get the green. Do you have some pictures?
  11. mslatter


    Apr 8, 2003
  12. coffee-sipper


    Jul 10, 2003
    Raleigh NC
    SamAsh had them for 299. American Musical has them in Metallic Green for 299. The red inlays where a stretch for conservative me so am really not sure about metallic green, at least it isn't pink.

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