Good Distortion/Overdrive Pedal for Metal

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  1. I'm a bassist in a death metal band, and we're pretty dynamic with our tone going from melodic death metal to thrash and doom influence, heavy mean distortion to a little crunch. None of my local music shops really have any bass pedals for me to try out and i was wondering what kind of pedal would give me the option of a lot distortion and overdrive if i wanted, or just a little when doing nice chorus intro. I've heard good things about some pedals like the Boss ODB-3 and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, i just don't know if they're as dynamic as i need them to be or have the distortion as say, a Boss Metalzone/Metalcore has on a guitar. And I've heard of people using guitar pedals like those on basses, but i don't want any loss of low end. What pedal/combo of pedals do you all recommend?
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    Darkglass B3K, of course!
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    IMO you may find an overdrive will do everything you need and still keep you in the mix well, as opposed to distortion. I've found distortion on top of heavily distorted guitars doesn't do you justice on bass...except for maybe slow doom stuff. It just gets to be too much. Another thing I like to do is boost an OD/dist pedal with something like a Phat Phuk or really mild OD (Dark Driving for example), gives you more gain options on the fly.

    There are SO many options out there these days! Some of my favorites that I either own or sold and go beyond a mild OD:

    - Aguilar Agro: Mild to wild but natural sounding

    - Fuzzrocious Oh See Demon: the OD that never leaves my board, will go full on distortion

    - Amptweaker Tightdrive with low blend: outstanding pedal with versatile gain

    - DMB Bumble: Reminds me of the Agro with a bit more treble bite

    - EBS Metal drive: great sound and super simple

    - B3K/B7K like mentioned

    Ones that I haven't owned but like what I've heard:

    - Kaisser Priapos: great sound and lots of options

    - FEA dual band: same as above

    - Iron Ether QF2: another great multi band
  4. I have to say I'm quite impressed with with the Darkglass B3K. The sounds from that thing are just gnarly. It's a bit expensive but sounds worth it. I also like the Amptweaker
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    Verellen Amplifiers "BIG SPIDER".

    perfect for what you're describing! it's my pleasure doing business w/ you. i wouldn't steer you wrong. :ninja:
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    I'll throw in a vote for my usual underdog, the Tech21 GT-2. That thing is dangerously underrated for its versatility and nasty snarl!
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    B3K for the melodic stuff all day long but it's a tad too thin, for me, when I go for a doom feel. It would be the opposite of what you need. I would go more like the F*** OD or Verellen for that. Waiting to play on the Myco Four as it's described as something that would fit there.
  8. So after looking at a lot of these pedals, seeing demos, listening to videos, looking up who uses what; I've narrowed it down between the:

    1. Darkglass B3K
    2. Amptweaker Bass Tightdrive
    3. MXR M-80 DI
    4. Tech 21 Sansamp BDDI
    5. Okko Basstard

    Can anyone further help me pick between one of these or give insights as to a future set-up i can have with one of these? I'm looking for a tone that is deep, low, and agressive. Something that shakes the room and stabs you in the ears at the same time. I'm generally playing in drop B, and would like to lose no low end (though i don't think any of those have a problem with that). Or else i need a pedal that's a great base stepping stone to achieving that
  9. I think I'll be going more specifically for overdrive and low end with crunch, and just obtain a more distortion oriented pedal later on
  10. gscroggin

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    Feb 2, 2006
    Darkglass or Tightdrive with blend. If you give me a song example of the sound(s) you're after, I can tell you if I've already approximated the tone before with my Tightdrive (which I still own).
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    Mar 24, 2010
    some people like the wounded paw battering ram
  12. That sounds like it'd be good for any doom or sludge stuff we do
  13. chaosmic


    Feb 6, 2010
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    The Basstard would be perfect for you IMO. The second gain foot switch would allow for lighter overdrive + heavier distortion mid-song. Extremely dynamic & natural sounding, I find the Basstard to mix better with heavily distorted guitar than a lot of my other dirt pedals.
  14. Yea i was listening to the basstard and put it on there before i looked at the price tag haha. The B3K already seemed steep to me. I would be able to get 2 pedals that give me a dynamic effect at the price of the Basstard
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    Feb 6, 2010
    Raleigh, NC
    I hear that. I was lucky & got mine in a trade.
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    Empress MultiDrive. Tons of tone. Tons.
  17. ^ Just a little bit more than what i'm willing to pay. $259 for a B3K is about as far as I'll go
  18. Bassmike62

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    The Empress is a little expensive when bought new and totally worth its dirt (IMO), but I've them go locallly for 180-200 $ on the used market.
  19. knumbskull


    Jul 28, 2007
    i think the main thing with straight-ahead, fast metal is to go for a light overdrive, but also one that has a big mid-punch.

    and keeps lows, obviously ;)

    as has been mentioned already, you'll easily get lost in in all those distorted guitars if you go too fuzzy/high gain with fast stff - slow doom-y stuff works well with fuzz...

    my latest setup for metal is a Fuzzrocious BDPG blended with a Digitech Bad Monkey, all pushed with a Dave Hall Amps preamp. blender is a simple Boss LS-2. the BDPG covers the lows and the Bad Monkey can dial in as much high end gain as i i need.

    yes, it is a needlessly complicated setup :cool: