Good Double bass for a cheap price?

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  1. Hey, first time posting here. (I think, I might have before, I forgot) I used to play Double Bass in my school orchestra and strings section. But, since I changed to a school with no music program last semester, Ive had to drop my playing. I've always wanted to own a double bass of my own, but I don't have the money for a 3000-4000 dollar bass. I was wondering if any of you could recommend to me a good Double bass for a good price ($500-$1500) that isn't warped or made out of cardboard. Thanks in advanced and have a grrreat day. Peace
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    Have you read the "Newbie Links: BASSES" thread stuck to the top of this forum? There's a lot of good info in there. At the bottom end of that price range, there's nothing worth messing with. Around the top of it and a few hundred $ beyond, you can look at Englehardt, Bob G Bulgarian Basses, Strunal, Shen, and Christopher, to name but a few. I know of a place near here to get an excellent Shen for under $2000. If there's one near Louisville, there's probably one near CO. But read up'll be far more likely to get answers to a more specific question. Good luck.
  3. oh yea, I should always check the newbie guides. Thanks for the reminder and the bits of info. Peace
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    My definition of a good bass is something that is playable (good action) has some volume, sounds good to your ear, makes (beckons?) you to play it, has a good solid feel to it. IMHO.

    That said, the bass I'm selling is all that! :)
    Listen to these guys, read, study, see and play as many as you can. Take your time.

    I can't believe you'd be able to walk into a bass that has all of the above for under $ 800. Good luck with it. Oh... buy mine!
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    He's in Colorado. Isn't that a bit far to drive?
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    I like your spirit!