Good friends let gear go bad

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  1. Ugg... sorry for the personal rant... but I need to get this off my chest...
    Some friends of mine from another band, who are all great guys, asked to used one of my amps for recording the other day. So I say sure, yeah, of course, they've used this gear before and I trust them and all that.

    So I get an email today from one of the guitarists saying that my Traynor (YBA200) had blown a tube. This had happened to this amp before, if you remember, so initially I was just pissed at the amp.

    Now I come to find out, through the other guitarist in the band (who is also in my band) that the reason it blew is that they had it on with no speaker cab attached! Apparently they wanted to just use it as DI while they recording another amp of mine through their cab!
    So now I'm in the situation of being pissed at a bunch of guys who I consider friends, who are all stand up dudes. I thought they knew better so I never ever gave it a second thought, I've always been good about lending people gear, especially friends, cause they've always been good about lending to me when i needed it. So it sucks... and now I have a dead amp, for the second time in 4 months, and in the year or so since I've had it.

    They have offered to pay for new tubes but it will have to be checked out at the shop.
    I guess I can be thankful that they're friends, and not strangers, so I know they'll do the right thing and get it fixed.

    Just a ****y situation on an otherwise relaxing Friday night, ya know? :meh:
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    Its good that they're paying for the repair.

    I know people who wouldn't have told me how it blew that tube, or that it even blew one in the first place.
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    If they're paying for repairs I don't think there's anything really to get too mad about. I am sure there's people out there that'll blow an amp and act like it's OK, give it back to the person they borrowed from, and won't take responsibility for it; at least your friends are and it shows they at least have some character.

    Do they know better than to leave a tube amp running like that? That's a common mistake people make, and nobody is perfect. Not everyone knows about that issue.
  4. Yeah I'm not really mad any more. People just make mistakes sometimes.
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    I always tell my friends the value of what they are borrowing. If they break or lose the gear, they pay or fix it. Simple.
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    I hope it's just a tube or (tubes). Running without a speaker can fry the output transformer unless the amp has some protective circuitry.

    You have good friends. Please try to focus on that - they will be remembered long after a damaged amp is forgotten.

  7. As long as they pay for the repairs, that's the best you're gonna do. If they won't stand up for the repairs then they arn't really your friends.