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Good Indie/Modern Bass Lines

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by NY2NASH2LA, May 11, 2010.

  1. Been struggling to find a lot of good and unique indie rock/modern bass lines, so thought I'd share some of the best I've found (most are on Ultimate Guitar). I'll keep adding to the list, throw out other good ones as well with YouTube links if you have them...

    Black Joe Lewis- Surgarfoot
  2. +1 on Broken Social Scene

    I don't listen to much "indie" but that band is just phenomenal! Has anyone heard their new album?

    Take a look at Black Mountain/The Pink Mountaintops aswell. They are two seperate bands from Vancouver but some members (don't remember which ones) are in both bands. Black Mountain is a little more heavy and psycadelic but they are both full of indie talent.

    Check out Wucan on Black Mountains "In The Future" album. Lots of good lines on that album.

  3. Funny enough, BSS are my favorite band, saw them for a 4th time a week ago. Kind of a Canadian "indie supergroup," offshoots include Stars, Metric, Feist, K-Os, Jason Collett, Apostle of Hustle... New album is actually pretty good (favorite track- ). Best overall are probably Self-Titled and You Forgot It In People. BSS Presents:Brendan Canning is cool too, as it's an album featuring their bassist- has some of their best lines on it. Definitely see them live if you can, it's an experience and totally worth the $$$...
  4. Nice list! Glad someone appreciates good music and good bass lines.
  5. Mo' Bass 00

    Mo' Bass 00

    Aug 15, 2006
    Incubus- Are you in?

    Incubus= Battle Star Scratchlactica

    Incubus-Anna Molly
  6. TotalLifeForeva


    Mar 27, 2012
    "Blue Blood" by Foals has an amazing bass line.
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  7. BluesWalker

    BluesWalker Supporting Member

    Jun 17, 2008
    San Diego, CA
    Thanks, some good music/bands here that I have not previously heard.
  8. dthomp1231


    Mar 13, 2009
    my friend plays in a band called Snowmine, theyre a pretty tight indie band from Brooklyn. I always thought his bass lines were pretty tasteful. Check em out on bandcamp.

    He reminds me of Nick Harmer and the dude from the shins
  9. fansor88


    Jan 25, 2012
    +infinity....I can say without a doubt that listening to Are you in? in 8th grade got me into bass and anything that Dirk Lance did with Incubus is really worth checking out. Even the newer Incubus basslines by Ben Kenny are great.
    Other noteworthy bands with great bass are The Vines, The Shins, Phoenix (really interesting what the bass player does), even Sublime, and Mogwai. Mogwai's stuff is slower and maybe a little simpler, but if really listen closely you'll see the bass player is really the heart of the band and he's a great example of how to move the song...he plays just enough fills to give the song substance without overplaying.

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