good luthier in western mass?

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  1. I'm in the midst of beefing my SX up into a real players bass, something thats really my own. I wanted to bring it to a luthier to have the frets leveled and was also curious about shielding.

    Anyone from the western MA/northern CT area know about a good priced luthier that does good work?

    There's a coop in Easthampton that I'm considering, has anyone brought a bass to them before?
  2. I just had some work done on my ELrick at ampworks up in belchertown (I think). THe luthier their (dont recall his name) works in afew shops in western MA. Very happy with his work. If you want I can give you their number, i have his card around here somewhere.
  3. I brought an amp to amp works for a once over and a cleaning, went back after about three weeks after not hearing from them and found out they hadn't even started on my amp so I took it back. what was the turn-around for you?
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    Oct 6, 2008
    I'm also interested in this, since I'm in western mass. Would love to get my jbass / ibby acoustic / sx tele i just ordered all fret leveled and such.

    LOL!!! i thought that band sounded familiar. Fagan, is that you? Guess who this is, haha.
  5. My turnaround was a little over a week and a half, but I didn't have the scratch to pay him so it sat there for over a month. I have not dealt with the amp guy/owner for any work but he seemed like a nice guy all in all. HTe luthier bounces around from there to a shop on northampton.

    Sarnz, I had my Elrick there for a full fret dressing and had a couple of them levelled for 75 bucks. I was very pleased with the work.

    There is a guy aroundhere, theGrizz I think is his SN, who lives up near northampton and who knows a bucnh about the local shop scene. I have only lived here a year and a half so my advice is from limited experience.
  6. I know that strat. what up Eric, it's been awhile!

    you're probably the only other person I know from meadow who would rock an SX. hell yeah.
  7. $75 bucks for leveling and dressing? maybe i'll give them a second chance. my frets are already showing wear after a wet outdoor show :(

    but eventually they'll be coming off I think.
  8. IF you don't prefer that shop I'd give them a call and get the luthier's name (Dave something? I dunno) and find out which other shop he works in.

    I also do not recommend the small music shop in Westfield. I won't mention names but they were kind of slow and hard to reach and my bass wasn't exactly fixed when I got it back.
  9. yup I know the one of which you speak and have heard some horror stories. They are the biggest supplier of line 6 amps to crappy hardcore bands in the area. we must destroy them :)
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    Oct 6, 2008
    Yeah it seems like the SX gets a lot of praise from the forums so for $120 shipped I figured Id try it out. I think I got the last one in the color that I wanted (and with the old headstock) I'm going to custom the hell out of it too since I like doing stuff like that to my guitars. Keeps me from selling them lol. It's cool that your new band is actually getting somewhere
  11. haha yeah we're a little more motivated to actually play shows rather than sitting around waiting for a record exec to walk by the basement and declare us the future of music. Heard the great news about Tom, I'm so pumped he's going to really go after his music. Talked to toby the other day and I guess the same can't be said for the rest of them :(
  12. do any of those crappy hardcore bands need a bassist :)
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    seamus bass

    Oct 23, 2007
    my house
    im from the dalton originally, i knew a guy at wood bros. in pittsfield that did great bass work, his names chip. not sure if there still around anymore. same with BD music in pittsfield.
  14. pittsfield's a bit of a hual from Springfield, although come to think of it so is belchertown.
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    Oct 6, 2008
    yeah i'm the one still sitting in my room hoping someone will be like 'hey you're good'. so far, NOTHING. i've come to terms that my music is not going to be liked by other people, but since i like listening to it, i am trying to record to the best of my capabilities.
  16. nah man, look for a good hardcore band. they are out there.
  17. I thought good hardcore ended long ago. Then again I listened to hardcore when Earth Crisis was on Victory. I am out of the local loop in this area anyway. Its difficult to balance work, family and a band. I'm slowly becoming an old guy looking to "jam" :(