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Good Mexican food in the Phoenix metro area-west side preferred but any ok

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by russosborne, May 1, 2017.

  1. Thanks to the thread about the guy finding his stolen bass after 5 years that turned into a taco thread drool, I thought this might be a good group to ask.

    My wife and I like Mexican food. Well, she loves it, I don't mind it if it is good.
    Which first leads to the question of what is good. We both agree that it needs to be flavorful, not hot\spicy.

    To make it easier to get an idea of what we like here are our favorite and not favorite places.

    Arriba's. Tried them once, so far so good. But looking for other places because...
    On the Border. Used to be our number one go to, but they've gone downhill this past year so much we've quit going there. Both quality and service.

    Not favorite

    Carolina's. We tried them Saturday due to the above mentioned thread. Sorry, it just was not good. I had the enchilada/taco/tostado combo. Nothing had any flavor by itself. The sauce was just hot, not good.
    Definitely not worth the wait.

    Manuel's. Used to be one of my wife's favorites, but we moved out of state for 8 years and when we came back they weren't what she remembered.

    Don Reuben's (43rd ave and Cactus i think) We live in that area, and always saw they had a huge waiting line outside. Thought we would try them. Horrible (to use).

    Fajita's. Bleah.

    While we were living in Ohio we came up with a name for most of the Mexican places back there. Ohio Mexican. No flavor at all, with maybe spicy hot sauce on the side. Most of the above fit that description.

    Also, if my wife goes into the bathroom and sees a cockroach, we are done with that place. Happened to my favorite Chinese place. How favorite you ask? Well, when we first went there (when the cockroach happened) after moving back to AZ after being gone for over 8 years, the owner remembered me.

    Hope that gives you some idea of what we are looking for.


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