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  1. hesham8


    Mar 21, 2008

    I've recently had to sell my speaker cabinets (I'm going to miss my Acoustic 410 & 115). I now route my sound directly from GarageBand into some cheap computer speakers. GarageBand, for all it's worth isn't actually that bad for producing a wide variety of sounds in the practice room. It's just that these speakers aren't exactly built for the low-end of the spectrum, and I usually get a much better sound out of my studio headphones than the speakers.

    What speakers do you guys recommend for me to connect to my system in order to get a more accurate sound? Right now I'm using Harmon-Kardon soundsticks (which are fantastic home office speakers, but as you can imagine, they cannot take a regular low-end beating!), so I suppose any proper sound equipment would be an upgrade.
  2. capncal


    Apr 14, 2009
    Fender Bassman 25. small, inexpensive practice amp that sounds great. why not use it as a computer monitor?
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    Aug 6, 2004
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    Mar 24, 2010
    99 dollar kustom powered monitor with 12" form mf stupid deal of the day?