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Good morning Ray, may I ask you a question on the past?

Discussion in 'Ask Ray Riendeau' started by Wallace320, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    I know you're endorsing Zon basses nowadays, but I play mostly Fender, and mostly metal, so I happened to know about you for the stint in the Halford band.

    I'd like to know what your setup was (basses, pedals and rigs)
    during the Resurrection world tour an' if you've any suggestion
    in choosing Jazz basses/Precision basses (and possibly, why?) or a mix of whatever respective carachteristic of the two.

    Your point

    I got mine and you'll find mostly Jazz basses in my humble bass
    collection, but what I'd like to know about is precisely what you were looking for in the bass/basses you decided to bring with you on tour. Tweaks and mods are very very welcome...

    Thank you so much Ray for your kind attention and for being exactly the accomplished artist (way too accomplished for my humble experience) that you are!


    PS: sorry and thank you again for any recalling effort...
  2. rayriendeau


    Mar 19, 2007
    Arizona, USA
    Hi Wallace!
    I used an array of Fender Jazz basses on that tour. I believe they were all American standard basses with no mods whatsoever.
    I did and do prefer maple necks especially for metal for a more "distinct" tone(s).
    I don't use much in the way of pedals (never have) but at the time I used a sansamp preamp for distortion. I used a splitter box so that the dist was added to the main clean signal and not replaced by it.
    As for amps I was using/endorsing Sunn although outside of the US I used Ampeg SVT setups (when we didnt ship gear)
    I currently use ZONs with Aguilar amplification and couldn't be happier.
    Hope this helps. :)
    All the best!
  3. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    I watched a few of your vids on youtube and learned of Zon and Aguilar.

    Again, not my own sound, but Zon basses tend unfortunately to be almost rare here in Italy... Aguilar instead is very sought after, and in that field I personally suggested a good friend of mine on Italian bass forum, pushin' him to try (and eventually buy) a 4x10" Aguilar cab for his personal head and bass setup.

    I already succesfully use a SansAmp bass driver D.I. in my fx chain, along with Fender Jazzes (ok: only one is an American standard:meh:) but, with no splitbox there, my only option to blend two different (clean/drive) sound is when I play Yamaha Attitude basses. I gotta walk that path one of these days.;)

    Thank you so much Ray: believe me your palette is much wider
    than simply that, but you stay well respected in all of us head bangers.


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