Good P + J Pickups?

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  1. I need help choosing some pickups for my Warmoth P + J bass. I want something that sounds big with good low mids. Not too much top end, just enough to give it some life. I need something that would fit my church gig well and still give me a good fingerstyle funk/blues sound.

    How would Quarter Pounders do? Are they really modern sounding or can they give me that warm supporting sound?
  2. Count,

    I'm doing a Warmoth P/J as well. I decided on Lindy Fralin. I wanted a great vintage P tone and these were the highest recommended. They may not be for you, but the folks at Scottys were very helpful in recommending options for me. Here's the link: page.htm

    Good luck!
  3. What models are you getting? Whatever I get I want to make sure the P and J are a good match.

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    count, I wouldn't recommend the Quarter Pound based on your description. Either the Vintage or Hot will have a smoother top. The Quarter Pound is a little brash, IMO/IME. If you e-mail Basslines, they can recommend a matching set.

    Jeff's pick, Lindy Fralin, are thought by many to be the best made Fender-type bass pickups available. I haven't tried them.

    I recently got a Fender American Standard P, and I'm planning to leave the stock pup in. It's really very good.
  5. I got the regular winding (not the + or - 5%) on mine on the recommendation of Scotty. He expected this to be the best match as well as meet my expectation.

    Again, I'd give these guys a call - all they do is pickups. They were great help.

  6. Lindy Fralins aren't available for 5-strings. Bummer

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    Anybody have any experience with EMG?