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Good passive pickups for rock/metal

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by jcburn, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Hi all - after a few ideas. My current bass is an active US Fender J 5, but I'm looking at buying a Fender J Aerodyne and replacing the pickups. What I am really interested in is a passive setup but I would still like to have a fairly high output for pick style rock and metal. I know the obvious choice would be SD 1/4 pounders (p and j) but for some reason Dimarzio Model P and J pickups sound like they may do the trick. Does anyone have any experience with these pickups for these styles of music. I realize the great Billy Sheehan uses a Model One P but his sound also comes from the Willpower HB and his signal chain is fairly processed. I'm a bit of a bass - lead - amp guy.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also I run it through a Hartke L500 amp (with active and passive input), a Hartke 4x10 and a Hartke 1x15.
  2. themadpiper

    themadpiper This is CAKETOWN!!

    Jun 25, 2008
    Pascagoula, MS
    My next project is gonna be a P bass with a Dimarzio Model P. I've played on a bass with it installed and I found it to be very aggressive with a strong bottom end, which is what I personally like. I play power/prog metal in an aggressive fingerstyle and it slays, IMO.
  3. Cool man - thanks for the reply. That's what I wanted to hear I guess.
    +1 for Dimarzio.
    Yeah I like a nice aggressive midrange, as my amp is fairly transparent and even though it has a tube preamp it doesn't seem to want to clip or distort for any real natural overdrive. that's a good thing I think but I like a bit of snarl to my sound with some nice thick bottom as well. As for tops my amp has a bright switch that will do the trick if the pickups don't naturally have it. Adding a J in there should add a bit of sparkle and clank anyway eh?
  4. The dimarzio's are a good choice. Also look into seymour duncan basslines. The quarter pounder's are really aggressive, yet tight and puncy. They are pretty hot pickups and would probably get some drive out of your amp. My jazz bass has a standard jazz bass pickup in neck position, which is a very warm sound and I have a quarter pounder in bridge. The blend of the two pickups makes a fantastic range of tones. Maybe a dimarzio in neck position and a Seymour duncan in bridge?
  5. Oh no - never thought of that. God - dont give a dumbass bass player options man!

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