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Good price for a used Fender Jazz?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by count_funkula, May 11, 2001.

  1. I'm thinking about selling my Jazz Bass again. What is a good asking price for a 2000 Fender American Standard Jazz, Sunburst, hardshell case, DiMarzio Model J pups and the original pups? All tools and manuals are included.

    I went to the Guitar Center today and played a P-Bass and a Ibanez BTB1005. One thing I noticed right away was how comfortable the necks on these two basses are. The P-Bass neck is fat and wide and of course the Ibanez was really wide.
    I have very long hands and I have discovered that I am actually developing a lot of wrist pain that I believe is being caused by the small demensions of the Jazz Bass neck. It seem to be forcing me to keep my hands in a cramped up position when playing down low.

    Thats not the only reason for selling. I'm at a point where it's just time for something new. New sound, new feel, I'm sure some of you guys that buy and sell basses often can relate.

    Am I looking for excuses? Hmmm........
  2. Taurus


    Feb 2, 2001
    If you have large hands I'm not surprised that you are having probs with the jazz bass neck.I have small/average hands and have found that I don't like necks that are too narrow or thin.What would be even better for you is a neck that is not just wider but also thicker.The further your fingers have to close,in relation to your palm,the more susceptible you are to getting tendinitis in your fret arm and presumably other medical problems as well.As for the value of your bass,I don't think it's really possible to pin down an exact number because the area you live in will have a big influence on whether you can get market value for it or not.A "trade in quote" can be useful to you and you might be able to add about 35-40% above the quote if you sell it privately.Only you can decide about selling it or not but the fact you're considering selling shows that you aren't really happy with it.

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