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    FYI- Hal Leonard Publishing has a pretty good book out by Billy Mitchell titled, "The Gigging MUsician: How to Get, Play, and Keep the Gig," 158 pages.

    The information includes interviews with people who have been at it a long time. A lot of the content is relevant to posts I've seen on TalkBass.

    - Part 1. "You," covers aspects of landing a gig, stage fright, fear or rejection, women on the road, planning, sticking to it, and dealing with things that can stall a career.
    - Part 2, "Your Band," includes the value of togetherness, relating to other musicians, dealing with/being a band leader, and making progress with the band.
    - Part 3, "Your Gig," includes guides for recording, keeping a gig from being a meltdown, handling money, punctuality, and drugs, all from interviews with people who have "walked the walk."

    I flipped through a friend's copy, but have it ordered from Amazon, ($12). The info is more philosophical rather than a practical, step by step, "how to." Otherwise, I might have known the shirt I wore onstage at this city's annual river festival, was offensive to some people.---

  2. Thanks Rick.

    There's been alot of questions about gigging, and I know that I, for one, appreciate the suggestion.


    Another book to go buy :D

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    My pleasure, gents. At least it's a lot cheaper than G.A.S. or gas.