good site to find 62' p bass pups?

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  1. i just went through this forum cuz i remember seeing a link to a great site where they had 62' p bass pups for about $70? (could be wrong i have a problem with short term memory...hmmmm) Does anyone remember or know of that site or any others that would have them for order? sorry if i missed it i went through every page and couldn't find, also tried the search...again sorry if this thread pisses you off just tryin to get me some :)
  2. much obliged
  3. The 0x

    The 0x

    Aug 24, 2003
    Timonium, MD
    I got mine from Musicians Friend for 60 bucks a lil' over a year ago.

    Also, i'm going to see your show at the Recher this Sunday with All Time Low. I'm going simply because of a girl, but I hope you guys are good.
  4. awesome man i shall check out the musicians friend site....and yea i dont know what kind of music you are into so i guess thatll decide whether you like us or not....we are different from the other bands playing...well be doing some short "jamming" between songs, and our songs themselves are all different from each other. we are all in love with music and our instruments and our tones etc. so definately let me know what you think after the show, my IM is schfifty v. thanks in advance for comin!