good sounding bass heads for mixed ohms Eden 2-10 cabs

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  1. Hello, I have (2) Eden 2-10 cabs in good shape, one is marked 4 ohm , the other 8 ohm.One is older than the other.I'm looking for a VG sounding head that is capable of utilizing different ohm cabs without damaging anything, if one exists. I used a 90's Eden Metro combo with one of the cabs until it developed quirky problems and was retired to a practice amp. the other was my back up, an older Peavey mega bass 500w, a workhorse, but lacked in tone that the Eden had. I'm not nessessarily looking for another Eden, something that I can get repaired without always having to use "Qualified service centers" . any suggestions ? thanks d.
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    Any amp that can handle a minimum 2.6 ohms load will work with those cabs. The potential problem is one cab will draw twice as much power as the other. I think even with two separate power sections (e.g. Genz-Benz ShuttleMax 12.0 or 12.2), those cabs won't be a good match unless the 4ohm has significantly higher power handling than the other, which I wouldn't expect. It's hard to determine without knowing the exact models.
    In a loud situation, I wouldn't use those cabs together without independent volume controls for each.
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  3. I checked the eden cabs, the older one had 2-10T 250w @ 8 ohm, the newer one had 2-10XST 500w @4ohm...I used the PV megabass head for these cabs for a while with no problems, i used to play it fairly loud. just that PV had a harsher sound than, let's say an Eden type..
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    A two channel amp is the best solution. Or sell one of the cabs and get a matched pair.
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  5. one of the 2-10 eden cabs have (2) 8 ohm speakers, the cab is marked 4 ohm , the other has (2) 4 ohm speakers and is marked 8 ohm , does that sound right ?
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    What you could do is swap drivers around, connecting them internally in series & thus having 12 Ohms/cabinet, or 6 Ohms when both cabinets are connected to the amp in parallel.

    IOW, take one of the 4 Ohm drivers from one cabinet & put it into the cabinet with 8 Ohm drivers.
    & vice versa, take the 8 Ohm driver you took out & put it into the other cabinet
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  7. That's not a bad idea, thanks Lemmy !
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    I’m sorry but I disagree. Any way you wire it one driver will be doing more work than the other. They will not get along. The best thing IMO is to sell one cab and buy a cabinet identical to the one you keep.
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    It's not the greatest idea, but it is possible & is better than running the amp at 2.66 Ohms ;)

    Put one of the 4 Ohm speakers nearest your ear, so you can hear if it can't handle the power.
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    Sell the D-210T and just use the D-210XST. It's plenty loud and is one of the best sounding cabs Eden ever produced.
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    Pick up an SWR SM-400 or SM-500 on the cheap. Best stereo options out there on the used market. Lil more pricey would be Eden WT-500, 600, or 800.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Ignore everyone else's advice and continue to use the cabs together with a mono amp that can handle a 2.67 ohm load. The drivers in each cab are matched to the wattage that they will draw--the XST will get twice as much power, AND IT CAN HANDLE TWICE AS MUCH POWER. It's also a bit less efficient, I believe, so it NEEDS more power to get loud. They should sound really good together.

    If the XST couldn't handle 2x the power that the 210T could handle, then I would agree that you'd need a stereo amp to control wattage to each cab, but that ain't the case here. Carry on. :thumbsup:
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    He has two 2x10s not 4x10s Munji. :)
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    Oops. I meant 210s.
  15. Ok thanks guys !! for the quick and informative advice, have a couple options now.
  17. Bob, Could I use a 2007 Eden WT550 head with the 2 different cabs ? without any damage I think they can drive 2 ohms. Using the 2 1/4" amp outs.
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    Yes, that would be a perfect choice. It was rated down to 2 ohms and would likely be putting out around 600 watts into a 2.67 ohm load, split between the two cabs--400 watts to the 4 ohm XST and 200 watts to the 8 ohm 210T. Put the XST on the bottom of the stack so the 210T is closer to your ears since I think it would be more likely to begin to distort on loud transients, and you'll want to hear that so you can back off on bass EQ and/or master volume, and of course be very careful with the Enhance knob--it's a mid cut and huge bass boost, pretty much unusable in band situations but great for solo practice. Cheers, Bob :thumbsup:
  19. Thanks, for getting back to me so soon! I appreciate it, I'm going to look at the WT550 tommorow , looks like this guy used it in a studio setting, not for gigs. i'll let you know how i made out. thanks again, dave
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    I use an Eden 2x10 XST with a 400 watt head.
    Nice cab, big enough for my needs.
    Two of them would be wicked.