Good Starter amp?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JahWarrior44, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. JahWarrior44

    JahWarrior44 Guest

    Jun 15, 2003
    l.p, Michigan
    :confused: I just stared playing bass about 6 months ago,and i'm looking to get a good house amp. Nothing big-thikin about getting a peavey TKO
    or TNT 115. Have any advice or sugestions?
  2. Mike N

    Mike N Missing the old TB Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    Spencerport, New York
    Welcome to TalkBass, Drew.

    Imo you cant go wrong with a Peavey TNT as a starter amp(its what I started with). They give a god bang for the buck, although they are rather heavy.

    Take a look at your local music store, or the TB classifieds and see if you can find a good used one to start.
  3. kennyhoe

    kennyhoe Guest

    Jun 5, 2003
    Toronto, Ontario
    I have a Peavey TKO. IMO I think it sucks ass. The tone's pretty bad and the thing clips really easily. Although it's a pretty good value

    I say a nice cheap combo would be the Fender Bassman 100
  4. Peavey Microbass, that has got to THE first amp amp.

    (edit: oops, didn't read the post, uh...try to score a used ampeg combo, that's what I got. A B3158 for $500 used.)
  5. XxBassmanxX


    Nov 21, 2001
    Rosman NC
    I saw a SWR WM 1x15 in talkbass classifieds a while back.
  6. miccheck1516

    miccheck1516 Guest

    Feb 15, 2003
    im using a laney hcm65b at the moment and i love it, it perfect for in teh house but im gonna need more punch for bigger gigs, its got a line out for pa which might come in handy. And its got compression for when i need to do a bit o' slapping
  7. aladdin

    aladdin Guest

    Mar 7, 2003
    Chiba, Japan
    Personally I am a fan of Hartke's Non-Metal cones. I use a Hartke B60. This is such a nice practice amp. You can also use it at small gigs.
    Has a lot of oomph for 60 watts. There are also 90 and 120 watt versions of this amp. The 90 is a 15" speaker and is a little slow. The 60 is a 12" and nice! The 120 is 2 12" speakers.

    The 60 fills decent sized coffee houses and restaurants no problem. There is a line out to go to the PA if you need. The line out is post eq.

    Other amps I liked were:

    Trace-Elliot Boxer 65 (combo)
    Gallien Krueger Backline 110 (combo)

    Gallien Krueger Backline 250 and Backline 115 (these are separates but not expensive)


    I personally like the Hartke B60 ($350) better than the SWR super readhead that I use for playing clubs ($1300). Conversions are approximate from Japanese YEN.


    P.S. the bass is a MM Stingray 4.