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good stroy from a gig 2 days ago

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by oldirtymoney, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. oldirtymoney

    oldirtymoney Banned

    Jul 16, 2002
    california, carslbad
    well 2 days ago my band had a gig at a local club called the xanth. We played all of our songs and rocked the house. When we were done with our last song i unplugged all my **** but i heard the crowd chanting "1 more song" me and my band looked at each other like oh **** cuz we played all our songs you no. So our singer goes up to the mic and says " uh...this song is called bevis?" me and my guitarist looked at each and laugh cuz we new this was goin be crazy. I start up by playin some fast slap thing and then the drummer came in and then the guitarist and we made up a phat funk song right there on the stage and the singer sung the whole like like he was bevis!! lol it was really funny and the crowd loved it and i had a phat ass bass solo. It was really fun and exciting :D
  2. srbguitar

    srbguitar Guest

    Jul 19, 2002
    Fremont CA
    thats frikin' awsome!:p
  3. Improvisation is Bliss, isnt it?

    good job!
  4. superfreak

    superfreak Unregistered

    Aug 18, 2002
    Clarksville, TN
    Congrats...I wish I was there to hear it!
  5. oldirtymoney

    oldirtymoney Banned

    Jul 16, 2002
    california, carslbad
    thank you very much :D
  6. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    We did stuff like that a few times when I was with Fuzzy Logic ( No, You've never heard of us, but I'll get over it.)

    A couple of years ago I found out that Scot, our sound guy and a pretty fair singer too, was running the monitor outs into a tape deck most of the time we played.

    Whenever we did an "improvised wierdness" kind of song he would dump part of the tape to another tape. He played me some of the lyrics I had blathered off the top of my head and promptly forgotten. I had no idea I was that funny.

    Stuff like

    The Iowa surfers in the arctic heat
    wearing shaggy toupees on their blue painted feet
    They're running from a penguin with a bad attitude
    A pissed off penguin, he's generally rude
    A man eating hot dog in a green limousine
    threw me a baseball bat and said just one thing
    Play heiroglyphic hopscotch with both feet tied behind your head until you wake up in a new bar
    at least I think that's what he said

    And all that without medication!

    I didn't know I had it in me.

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