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Good things come to those who wait?...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ZenBass, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. I didnt rush into buying a second bass (partly cause i was still paying for me other one)...

    As fellow TB'er will know i am GB fanatic... :p and my bass i would not give it up for the world, there isnt a single thing wrong with it...still the best bass ive ever played.. i had Bernie set it up for me..

    I was looking for a backup bass and i have tried literally hundreds of different basses and decided to go with a Fender Artist MM IV..

    I hate it....

    the sound is weak and doesnt have any balls to it.. (i know u can rewire it but should you have to when uve paid big bucks)

    It hates being dug into.. i love to dig into my GB i get such a great tone and it does growl like a warwick..

    I have had the setup done so i can have a taughter string tension.. bassically it is useless for heavy rock fingerstyle....it flops about all over the place and has unequal tones across the fretboards even with ajustments to the pickups (cure one problem another one occurs). Ive steered away from Fender before cause i know lotsa people who use them and love them but i was always dubious.. and unfortuantly i have been proved right (in my case) and i probably wont go back to them again anytime soon..

    Just dissapointed and it has to go..its kinda a one trick wonder.. wonderful slapper i need a rock bass a bass where u can dig in without being frightend of string flopping...

    I think its gonna have to be a trip to music live not only to buy a new amp and cabs but also a trade in for my Fender..

  2. berklee46

    berklee46 Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2000
    Did someone say GB????
    :D :D :D

    Another few weeks and I'll have my 5-string - finally!


    Ok, now back to your thread. :)
  3. wow, that's a nice piece of wood...it almost looks fake, but too organic looking to be fake. anyways, i like wood.
  4. berklee46

    berklee46 Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2000
    Thank you. Bernie spent a while looking for just the right piece of wood for the top, so I'm hoping it will look as good when it's all done.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, Zenbass. But since I'm buying the GB sight unseen, it's great to hear such positive comments about Bernie's basses. Makes me comfortable that I made a great decision in ordering one.
  5. I will be buying another GB one day.. just being a student i cannot afford it..

    put it this way...

    Desk Eq +/- 15db cut and boost

    GB EEQ

    +/- 18db Cut and Boost

    My Trace Head is not very well at the gig this Friday i plugged into the desk and had foldback through my cabs and monitors..the sound impressed the sound Eng so much he came up to me and asked me about GB...

    Recorded in the studio's this weekend.. Eng there had never heard anything like it..he has a Sadowsky and the GB sounded better...

    Forget the threads talking about neck joints.. mine has never budged..and anyway if a problem were to occur (ie, battery's leaked in my bass..argh) bernie will sort it out...free of charge if its manufacturing problem..(bernie sorted me out with new electronics for nothing..

    I want a rack full of GB Spitfires (i see Bernie has decided to go back to his original name) to go on tour with me and a GB Rumor IV for my special bass..


    He's a pic of mine..with my Rig (soon to be an EBS since GB are UK Distributors and they are damned good)

    I love it..

    and its okay.. im happy for it to be a GB ranting thread...but shhh.. dun tell to many people i like the fact noone has heard of them..!!...;)
  6. Heading to Music Live 2003 and gonna get me a new GB IV and an EBS rig... :p

    I have been on the phone to bernie talking about lotsa possbilies, configs and various ways diferent wood combination for fretboards and the like....

    Berklee46 i told bernie that you are a fellow TB'er who was getting a bass built at the moment and he was thrilled to hear that us GB fans talk to each other..tho i didnt know your name to tell him

    I think my GB will have

    GB IV electronic rather than the rumour as my GB has them and i more than happy with them..
    Maple neck
    Figured maple top
    similar to this one...


    berklee46 i would love to see any pics that bernie has sent to u during the contruction process :)



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