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Good USB recording interface?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by recode, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. recode


    Sep 10, 2013
    Hi everyone. Im about to buy Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Is it good pick for home recordings? And what's about latency? (if im not using direct monitoring). If you have any suggestions, i'll be glad to hear it.
  2. adamaarts


    Apr 19, 2001
    Corona, CA
    Beta tester Source Audio, demos/reviews of many others
    Focusrite generally makes great interfaces. I have the Saffire 6 USB which was the precursor to the Scarlett series. It's above and beyond what most interfaces in the sub $200 range brought me. I've been through quite a few over the last couple of years and this one is the keeper for sure.

    Latency won't solely depend on your interface, although it helps to have a good one to start with, but your PC/Mac specs will affect it as well. I have a PC thats a few years old and nothing special, and I can get 8ms latency easily, I rally can get it smaller but I always monitor directly so I don't need to worry about it anyway.

    Read reviews of any interfaces you might be interested in. Read reviews from different sites, Amazon, Google, Gearslutz, and see what patterns you see to get an idea if its right for you or not. Some interfaces are great and work well with Win XP 32 bit, but not Win7 64 bit, or they might work well with a Mac but not PC. It's really hard to say yes or no without knowing and reading for yourself what's going to work and what isn't. You'll for sure get lot's of 'Get this' or 'Don't get that!' but only you can decide, read up and HAVE FUN!!!!!

    To sum up, without knowing more I can't say for sure, but the Focusrite is a great choice.
  3. DO NOT GET the SCARLET!!!! my band has one and it has been giving us so many problems. I has been cutting out recently and then it will add lots of random buzzing from the interface, we have tried everything different cords and mics ect. Its the interface
  4. Hrm, I've never had any problems with mine. No noise or latency, and I've recently used it to record bass (for me) and vocals (for my daughter's Xmas present to her bf) without any issues or noise.

    Sounds like you might have a bad one.
  5. I just ordered the M Audio M Track, I'll let you know of what I think of it
  6. I've had a Scarlett 2i4 for a few months now. Using it with a Macbook Air and Reaper with no issues. I think it's a great device.
  7. I have a 2i4. I must disable the ethernet driver when using it else i get random audio disconnects. I then have to restart whatever application is driving the audio. Once i do that it is okay. That is a mildly annoying feature.