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Goodbye Squier Classic Vibe basses?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by InstantEctobass, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. InstantEctobass


    Feb 18, 2018
    Sadly, apparently, yes: Fender's website doesn't show any Classic Vibe basses at all. The last one being the 70s Precision Bass.

    I was dreaming a 70s Jazz Bass with proper pickup spacing and maple fretboard the other day...

    Plus, with the disparition of great amounts of rosewood, I guess that the Classic Vibe series' also in danger
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  2. Thornton Davis

    Thornton Davis

    Dec 11, 1999
    NAMM is a couple of weeks away. They'll probably introduce a new replacement series for the CV's.

  3. InstantEctobass


    Feb 18, 2018
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  4. saabfender

    saabfender Banned SUSPENDED

    Jan 10, 2018
    Classic vibe? Like the Steely Dan?
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  5. LkS


    Oct 30, 2013
    EU, Slovakia
    I thought they stoped making the CV Jazz Bass years ago (the one in white). I love mine.
  6. InstantEctobass


    Feb 18, 2018
    Yeah they stopped years ago (got that JB too, my favourite bass so far!!!) but they did CV Precision 50s and 70s basses after that, and today, all of them have disappeared
  7. Rallypoint_1

    Rallypoint_1 Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2010
    Pasadena, California
    So the Fender site still has the CV 50’s P up BUT seems like it’s not in stock. So, ya looks like that might be it.
  8. bobba66


    May 18, 2006
    Arlington, Texas
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!:woot:
  9. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Fender's probably trying to streamline their selection of basses. Squier CVs were perhaps too close or maybe in some cases even better than the next tier up, the MIM Fender Standard...er whatever they're calling those now, the Fender Player.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  10. I'm betting on post-NAMM reveal.
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    Dec 2, 2018
    Musiciansfriend.com still sells CV 70s Precision basses. I know for sure because I just bought one last week :). They are back ordered a couple of weeks but for sure they are still being made overseas for musiciansfriend. :)
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  12. andruca


    Mar 31, 2004
    Madrid (Spain)
    Yep, most probably this. The CV '70s P (spec'ed almost exactly as the long discontinued Matt Freeman Sig P) is my fave ever P bass, best neck and just the right P growl for my taste.
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  13. Fender seems to be modernizing the top end of the line with two active Jazz Basses. The CV '60s Jazz was dropped during 2018 and now the '70s PBass is gone as well as the '60s and Matt Freeman PBasses. My guess is cost.

    CV Basses would have broken the $400 barrier new and my thinking is that would hurt sales so in order to stay well under that they've cut costs and subbed the Contemporary Jazz Bass for the CV 60s and kept pricing on the VM series at $300.

    There are still a fair number of used CV 60s Jazz Basses to be had but finding a used Matt Freeman isn't as easy. I know I won't be selling mine soon if ever and I'm in no hurry to replace my CV '60s Jazz either.

    To me those basses were some of the all stars of the CV Series and fair competition for any MIM version for far less money. When stuff like that happens Fender often renames it's higher end line, increases the prices, and the lower end internal competition disappears.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  14. hrodbert696

    hrodbert696 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    The Squier website is showing a new "contemporary" series with three jazz basses offered. Prices in the CV range, $349-429. I assume that, same as Fender is rebranding from "Standard" to "Player" lines, Squier is rearranging and relabeling its offerings too. There are a dozen VM models on the Squier site but just one CV still, the 50s P.

    EDIT: Interesting, the Squier GUITAR side shows no "contemporary" models and still has eight CV models.
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  15. I had the CV Jazz Bass. The neck is on my Blacktop Jazz Bass.
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  16. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    I recently put CV pickups and wiring/pots I picked up in my Peavey Fury so I guess the CV spirit lives on in my Peavey.
  17. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    I suspect FMIC is merely using some of the more popular outlets (in-store: Guitar Center, online: GC & MF…aka the same company) to burn through their overstock.

    To further expand upon my suspicions…I've long suspected FMIC dropped the Chinese-made Classic Vibe series around the same time they started manufacturing Affinity Series instruments at their Indonesian factories, which is the same place they make the Vintage Modified series, as well as the new Contemporary series. Nowadays, everything Squier-branded is coming from one, unified source.

    The theory that the CV's were biting into the sales of MIM Standards holds weight. They were kickass instruments! :thumbsup: But add in the money saved by having the entire brand come from one source, that's one hell of an incentive to streamline and simplify things.
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  18. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    One thing that is certain is we won’t be seeing that beautiful dark rosewood the CV’s featured on any Squier ever again. I don’t know if they dyed it or what, but that stuff had a look usually only seen on 60’s era Brazilian boards. If I were to guess, I’d say the great Fender experiment of the last decade of offering tremendous bang for the buck on their budget lines by using them as a test bed for future MIM and US releases is likely over, and we’ll now be entering a long slump when it comes to anything Squier.
  19. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    Yes....I'm thinking we'll see the CV series incarnated but in something like Fender Player Classic series. Easier to justify the higher cost of manufacture, and perhaps to make that quality difference between Squier and Fender a little clearer. Logistically speaking, as you alluded to, it makes sense to have the manufacturing of the CV done by the same source that manufactures the Fender Player series, as they're similar in the quality of labor involved and higher grade parts. The CV is really at the very least on par with the next tier up on the Fender pantheon, the Fender brand itself in terms of quality.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
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  20. Snibborwocky


    Oct 16, 2015
    IMO the Indian Laurel fretboards look horrible on current instruments and it's so depressing that rosewood has been depleted the way it has to force this to happen.

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