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SOLD Gorgeous Guild acoustic for Lull? Or other Jazz bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Brad C, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Brad C

    Brad C Supporting Member

    I would be interested in trading this great acoustic guitar for a Lull D42B01A7-9FB3-4111-949A-92B3F0277202.jpeg 7DD34D2A-6431-49DD-970A-5C62C41EC53B.jpeg CF656093-3AE3-4866-BD3A-FDBD13D172F9.jpeg 45AC30E0-163C-47AF-AC83-A475C9D4CAFB.jpeg F3197982-166B-44BC-B8B8-A6A01878E24C.jpeg 9C895D5D-DCD9-4377-ADB1-50FEA8BF48CF.jpeg 5B9E2C16-2D18-461F-B95C-FDE4B56288B6.jpeg 4011055F-48AC-4C25-9A74-7C121AF81F9C.jpeg D9E1BFA7-63A3-451F-8C0A-6F216DE97EE7.jpeg 217D22DA-944E-445B-B12B-C72AE67B03B4.jpeg bass. I’m particularly looking for an alder Jazz Bass with 70s bridge pickup placement, but I’m flexible.
    Guild F-47M USA Made Grand Orchestra Acoustic Guitar w/ Case

    The unique Guild F-47R Grand Orchestra Acoustic Guitar is one of the more versatile instruments available to players today, utilizing the classic grand orchestra body shape but with extra body depth resulting in an unusually big, balanced tone with superb projection. The scalloped braced red spruce top and rosewood body produces a clear, articulate sound with excellent note separation. Here are the only two blemishes- There was a change in the strap button placement at one point at the heel of the neck. You can see the small hole in a pic- it's not noticeable while playing and is hard to find unless looking for it. The second is a small mark on the back of the headstock behind the tuner. There is a picture of that as well, but it is small and hard to see.

    Traditional series
    Grand orchestra
    Solid red spruce top
    Scalloped red spruce bracing
    Solid rosewood back
    Solid rosewood sides
    3-piece mahogany/walnut/mahogany
    rosewood fretboard
    Mother-of-pearl block position inlays
    Nut bone
    Wood bridge
    Bone saddle
    Bone bridge pins
    Nitrocellulose lacquer body finish
    Gloss lacquer neck finish
    Nickel hardware
    Gotoh se700 series open back machine heads

    Hardshell Case Included

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