Gorilla Glue??

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  1. I'm gonna finally fix my loose strap button, but i need a little more help first.I Don't have any "wood" glue, but i have a very strong multi-purpose glue, but i'm not sure if i should use it.

    As long as someone gives the thumbs up, i'll use it, but i'm posting because i'm a little tentative.

    Thanks in advance, and if you can, reply quickly.
  2. you mean the strap button comes loose?

    or do you mean the strap comes off alot?

    if its the first one, then i would suggest ...tightening the screw!!!
    i dont think any bass has a glue-on strap button.

    if its the second, then either buy strap locks, or (if you arent one of those people who always takes the strap on and off and are willing to keep the strap on most of the time) simply take the strap buttons off, and put the screw throughthe strap hole, then through the hole in a key, and screw it on to the body. then the strap will alwas stay on. dont do this if you have a bass that you wouldnt want to mess witht thouhg, but it works.
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    Jun 29, 2003
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    Hey, if the screw is just turning without getting tight, dip a toothpick in Elmer's glue and stick it in the hole. After it dries, your screw will have something to grip again so screw your button back on your bass.
  4. Gorilla Glue is a one part polyurethane adhesive that needs just a little water to cure. What happens is just a drop of water sets the glue to foaming and hardening. It has some decent fill properties and is very, very strong. It might be overkill for this job but if it really is all:rolleyes: you can find then go for it. Don't use much because it will really fill the gap and foam out the end of the hole until cured. You'll have to trim away the excess after the glue hardens.

    I know the stuff is strong because I've assembled a 2 piece maple body blank with similiar (competitor)sticky honey.:cool: