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  1. Hey there chaps, I have an audition coming up with a Gospel/Soul Band. Thing is I don't know much about Gospel music see, just that I like it. They have asked me to prepare the songs - "I love you" by Donny Hathaway and "Latch" by Sam Smith. Those songs will be fine as I'll just transcribe them. What I'm a bit nervous about is they also want me to "prepare any gospel instrumental solo or song you'd like to show off". I asked if they could elaborate and he sent me this vid

    Still not really sure what I should play for them? Anyone have any cool Gospel songs that could work for solo bass?
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    Feb 24, 2016
    I'm no gospel player, but I'll take a whack at this just to try and help out. Fred Hammond and Terrance Palmer (I believe Mr Palmer played for Israel and New Breed) are definitely two guys to check out.

    The album "Alive in South Africa" by Israel and New Breed is definitely one of my favorites.

    I'd suggest learning a recognizable, simple church hymn (maybe Amazing Grace, etc.) and making it your own.

    Only my two cents and it may not be worth much... Maybe one of our awesome gospel cats can weigh in.
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  3. There is a guy on YouTube named Sean Shawn who is a beast of a gospel player and has a lot of worthwhile gospel lessons. You need to check him out if you want to know what's up.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll check out Sean Shawn and I was thinking of playing Amazing Grace, thought it might be a bit cliche but hey its a beautiful melody!