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Got a cab in mind, need a head.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by sk8rboymc, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. sk8rboymc


    Mar 28, 2003
    Alrighty, this is my first TalkBass.com post!

    I've been doing a ton of research lately on a new amp. My old crate 1x15 combo has been acting up lately, so I'm on the market for a new setup (preferrably not a combo).

    I play with various 'rock' bands in my area, and a jazz band at school, so I need an amp that can really crank some sound out, but also sound good for jazzy stuff and jam sessions.

    After doing lots of cab research, the ampeg 610 hlf looks like the right cab for me. I've tried many a 4x10 and am just not confident in them being loud enough without really pushing the cab's limits. So I've pretty much got my heart set on that cab.

    So with that cab, what head/pre-power setup would you recommend? I'd need a pretty damn good amount of watts, and a decent sound. My budget is ~ 550-600 bucks max for the head/pre-power setup.

    Thanks for the help,

    P.S. Schroeder cabs are kind of out of the question because ordering online is not an option for me. I pretty much have to stick with AMPEG or SWR. My total budget is ~$1500, I can do a little more, but preferrably not.
  2. ok well first of all i know you said you play in a couple of rock bands and jazz things but for your main band is your drummer really loud and how many watts does your guitarest have? is it tube or solid state?

    besides that i dont know if you ment 600 for just a head or pre/power or a head/pre-power and a cab, if you just were meaning a head or pre/power you could probably get a QSC RMX 850 power amp, and a BBE B-MAX pre-amp that will run you at about 600 bucks. and i think you should atleast really think about those schroeder cabs you could get the 410 wich is teh punchiest loudest cab (competes with a ampeg 8x10!!!!!!!) there is just no comperison with those cabs. but if you cant do it just try some cabs around you town you shoudl probabkly get a multy cab setup (more portability) like a 1x15/2x10, or otehr etups and a good head depending on how much watts the cabs can handle.

    good luck
  3. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    I agree on that. Multiple cabs are really mandatory for a lot of people (with the exception of Schroeder owners) that really need to be loud. You'll find a 610 really hard to move around. I hope your school has a 6'7" Tuba player like my school does. :eek:

    So a new SVT610 would run for about... $800 I'm estimating. That would leave you with room to get a Solid State preamp and likely a QSC RMX850($300).

    I'm not sure if this would be right for you. Usually those who like the Ampeg SVT cabs are those who like the SVT tone overall instead of the more hi-fi sound. You'd probably really enjoy an SVP-CL preamp... but they go for about $500 new.

    The used market would help you a lot. It's a shame you couldnt land a Schroeder or Avatar cab to simply solve all of your woes.

    My suggestion is to go with a multi-cab setup, unless your really sure that you can get the 610 everywhere you need it to be.

    Again... its tough to be limited from all the more practical brands out there :meh:
  4. sk8rboymc


    Mar 28, 2003
    What do you recommend, from a schroeder or avatar cab, that would give me a ton of volume, and a good sound still.

    To be honest, I wasn't too sure about the 610, because I like the low low end you can get from a 15, or 2 12's.

    Thanks a ton for all the help.


    OK, so say I got a Schroeder 21012, and an amp simlar to

    Let's just imagine my budget left me with about 400-450 left to spend. Included in this would be the rack and cable(s) for the rig. What would you recommend then?

    And thanks a ton for all the help!
  5. This is what I would do with your money.

    Avatar b212 and b210 : about $600 shipped. Great all around rig and can get plenty loud.

    If you want an Ampeg SVP-CL : $500
    This would leave you enough for a QSC RMX850

    I would suggest buying a Sansamp RBI or a BBE BMax $250-300 (check riksmusic.com)
    This would leave enough for a bigger power amp like a QSC RMX1450. You may want to check the used market on a power amp and get even more power for the money. I got a used QSC USA900 (450w@4ohms X 2) for $165 on the bay.

    Either of those solid state preamps would sound great. I would lean toward spending your money on lots o power.
  6. James Hart

    James Hart

    Feb 1, 2002
    Endorsing Artist: see profile

    I'm not sure that will push a 4 ohm load bridged. I'm using a Crown CE1000 bridged into my schroeder 1210 and love it. They run about $450 I think. I use an old Yamaha pre that go for about $100-$150 when they show up on eBay. You could even get a Presonus Blue Tube (I think that's the name... they also have an EQ and Compressor that stack) from MF for $99 to use until you found / saved / bought a pre you like.

    You'll need a rack case, a speakon cable and a short 1/4" instrument cable to string from pre to power.
  7. thise schroeder 1210 cabs are similar to a basic 4x10 cab in volume atleast, and you said it yourself you didnt think that would be loud enough i would recomend getting the schroeder 410 that is spost to be as loud as a 8x10 cab!!!! thats loud and every body says that they sound good at low volume (for small party gigs) and loud volumes (outdoors with no pa) it would be agreat cab!!

    QSC RMX 850

    thats the exact setup i want actually
  8. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Yeah... the Schroeder410 would probably fit your budget with a SS preamp and RMX850.

    IMO, you should maybe get a small box Schroeder (probably the 1210) and maybe use the money you save towards a tube preamp, if you think tubes might be your style.

    Another route is Avatar. A 212 cab would make a GREAT standalone cab. An Avatar b212 and b210/b115 would run you for approx. $600 as stated. This would give you a very diverse setup, and would allow you to change things up for different sized gigs.

    I'd recomend a pair of 8ohm Avatars and a QSC RMX1450 ($400). You'd be in the clear to land an Ampeg SVP-CL, if you indeed seek out a tube preamp. This setup would also allow you to buy in pieces. You could probably just buy the 212 for now. With the RMX1450 you could run it 900W bridged or 260W stereo. If it turns out you need another cab... add a 210, and you'll be running 1400W bridged, or 260W per side stereo. There's LOTS of options with multiple cabs.

    I guess a lot depends on if you think you'll need 1400W. If not.. Maybe a 1210 and RMX850 would be plenty for you.
  9. sk8rboymc


    Mar 28, 2003
    Ok, this is way more help than I expected, so thanks a lot everyone who's helped =D

    Few questions: What are advantages of buying an 8ohm cab over a 4ohm cab? Seems like 4 ohm cabs could push more watts which would mean more volume right?

    If I went Schroeder, I'd probably go with their 410, and avatar, looks like the b115 and b210 looks like a good setup for me.

    The b115 and b210 would be pretty damn loud, and could hold the low and high end easily. Does this setup look like something that would fit my needs?

    K, I think that's all my questions for the moment, so thanks a ton everyone, now it's off to work =/
  10. But in all honesty. I think the best bet would be a high powered Galien Kruger head, and an Ampeg pre amp, that way you can get both tones, and it'll very loud on either channel.

    (you'd have to use an A/B box, and put the pre through the effects loop)
  11. if you got the schroeder 410 you would get it in 4ohms beacuse you wouldnt need anymore cabs!

    if you got the avatars you would get them in 8ohms

    either way you go the schroeder 410 WILL be louder than the avatars

    its up to you to decide

    the plus about the schroder is that its only one cab that can do every thing from partys to big outdoor gigs without a pa system! very loud great tone other things also

    plus about the avatatrs is that you can bring say the 2x10 to a small gig and then for a big gig you can just add teh 1x15, cheap other things also
  12. sk8rboymc


    Mar 28, 2003
    The thing with the avatar cabs is that they're cheaper.

    I could get the 115 and 210 or even 115 and 212 for 250 bucks cheaper than then schroeder 410. If I can find the amp, rack case, cables, pre, and power amp that I want for 600-700 bucks then I'll go with the schroeder, but I do want lots of power, so the avatars look like the way to go at the moment.

    My AIM sn is Chunk3rs if any of you gurus are feeling so generous to give me a little guidance that way =D I'll be back from work at 10ish (cst).

    Keep it coming guys and gals,

    and while I'm thinking about it: how long is shipping from avatar and schroeder? Because say I needed them by next weekend, would that be even remotely possible?

    Also, ordering off the internet is a possibility now, but I'm torn between schroeder and decent power, or avatar and a ton of power.
  13. and also the schroeder are built to last and have a 10 YEAR WARRENTY!!!! they are built like a tank using the best quality parts,
    avatar uses wood screws to hold the speakers in, schroederuses locking metal screws, but either way teh avatar and schroeder cabs are bothj great cabs,

    in the long run you will save money with teh schroeders they will last a very long time, and you will encver need anything more, if you decide avatar i wouldnt get the 1x15/2x10 setup i have heard some people say that they arnt loud enough.
  14. bizzaro


    Aug 21, 2000
    IMO the schroeder would be a much better investment. While Avatar has a place, I think the Schroeder has it outclassed in just about every respect. Schroeders are in a class all their own.
  15. exactly
  16. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    I guess its all a money game from here on out.

    If you got the Schroeder... you could probably still afford an RMX850. That'd give you 830W. No.... it's not as much as 1400W... but its a lot of power.

    That'd put at you at... $1250 or so. I honestly dont think that's enough room to land a preamp (especially an Ampeg), Rack, and cables.

    I would definately recommend the Avatar B212 be in your speaker setup one way or another. It's the best standalone cab they make. In fact... 12" speakers, to me, are the best suited speakers for a standalone cab. To that... you could add a B210, B115H, or even a B112. A lot depends on your sound preference. I'd recommend the B115H, just in case you really needed to move some air at an outdoor gig or something like that.

    Bottom line... there is no way an Avatar will truly compete with a Schroeder... but we're dealing with dollar signs here. Your saving $300 that you will need to put towards a preamp and accessories. Plain and Simple. Plus... you could use that extra cash to get an Ampeg Preamp (if it floats your boat).... or else invest it in the RMX1450. (I suggest the latter)

    1400Watts for almost whatever situation comes your way. :)
  17. I like the choice of the B212 and B210 Avatars over the B115 and B210. The 2x12 is an awesome sounding standalone. This thing would easily cover the medium gigs if powered with an RMX 1450. I do own the B115 and I wouldn't rate it highly as a standalone.

    This would give you a very flexible rig in terms of tone, volume, and size.

    FWIW I think my Avatar cabs sound great, regardless of what they cost.
  18. Oh yea, both times I ordered an Avatar cab they arrived in Connecticut in seven days. Dave, who owns the company and answers the phone, will let you know how long it will take to get to your house.
  19. I would recommend a Trace Elliot V-Type All-Tube pre. YOu can get them REALLY cheap on E-bay and they sound GREAT! That would leave you a bunch of money for a good power amp! Post in the wanted section of TB, and on Ebay. When I looked last there was one on Ebay International the other day going for $100 bucks. I dont know if someone bid on it or not. Keep looking on E-Bay.
  20. sk8rboymc


    Mar 28, 2003
    At the moment, this future rig in my brain looks something like this:

    Schroeder 410 cab ($920);
    QSC RMX850($300);

    So that's $1220, and it looks like my budget has changed yet agian, to $1500.

    With $280, I need a rack, cables, and a pre-amp.

    What're my options now?

    Thanks a lot everyone that's helped.