got a goliath jr yesterday

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  1. Well I was set out to buy a goliath 4x10 yesterday and I ran into a brand new goliath jr for a very low price ($600 canadian-usually $900-1000) So I decided to grab it.

    However it was the 4 ohm version what I didn't totally want but the price was decent. I don't want to add another cab to my bass 350 because I want to run my head at 4 ohms minimum not 2 ohms.

    The cab sounds decent for a really loud practice amp and for band practice but I can see some future problems with just not having enough power and low end.

    So here is what I am thinking of I may add a 2x15 with a seperate power amp and use my bass 350's preamp. But do you think that a 2x10 running at 350 W and a 2x15 running at around 800 W would be to much of a difference in power to get even sound? or would the 10's cut through the 15's quite well?
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  2. mgood

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    Sep 29, 2001
    Levelland, Texas
    The Goliath Junior III sounds GREAT with the Son of Bertha 1x15 to my ears. So, if you get the Big Bertha 2x15 and you can't hear the 2x10, just turn down the 15's at the amp.
  3. jasonbraatz

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    Oct 18, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI
    i ran a bass 350 into my 4 ohm goliath jr and 4 ohm triad for a long time, and if i didn't need something REALLY LOUD it would have been fine. it sounded awesome until poweramp clipping took out the 15" speaker in the triad.

    i have since upgraded, but i just sold that bass 350 to a friend, and it sounds and performs exactly how it did when it was new.

    i wouldn't worry about running a 2ohm load, it can handle it!


  4. thanx guys

    just a question Warwick the poweramp clipping on the bass 350 took out your 15?
  5. jasonbraatz

    jasonbraatz Supporting Member

    Oct 18, 2000
    Milwaukee, WI

    yup, i had the thing cranked. pregain was up until right before where it would distort and master volume was up all the way. that for 3 hours for multiple months took it's toll. but now i've got plenty of power, so it should be fine.