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Got a GT-6B and.....

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by picker13, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. So I got a GT-6B. I was expecting a lot out of it, since I have a GT-3 and GT-6 for guitar. I'm still trying to program patches (as usual, the presets suck), but here's my take on it. The board set up is different from the guitar units, but I think that's a good thing. It is set up like the Digitech BP8, where pedals can turn on/off effects for each patch. The worst thing about the unit is the compressor effects. Only four models to chose from, and programming parameters is "hit and miss" due to no way to monitor compression and level (no meter -- not even a LED). You'll have to set it up with something that can give you an idea of your level, but you are still guessing when the compression kicks in. I've been doing it by ear comparing to the bypass. Over all, the unit's compression is not up to par. Too bad as some other effects are good. Again, as usual, there are many effects I'll never use. Just not meant for bass, and are likely just a carry over from the guitar. What I do like are the octabass, the EQ, the amp/speaker modelling and the chorus. Haven't decided on the the defretter effect (which to me isn't really a fretless effect, more of an attack filter), the envelope filter, and the harmonizer effects. Don't like the flanger, phaser, pitch bend (whammy), and other effects I probably won't use on bass (reverb/delay). It would be a great value if Boss would upgrade the compressor section, but "as is" is marginally effective. Can't recommend as a "must buy".
  2. Thats what you get for buying a multi-effects unit.
  3. alaskabass


    Dec 31, 2001

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the GT-6B. From your review I gather it's not a waste of money, but needs some improvement. Seems like for the money it does some things well. Considering the price of separate analog units it might be worth a look.

    Does it have the capacity to upgrade the effects thru patches in the future ?

    As far as one piece of gear doing every thing well, i.e. multi effects units, I don't think that they can accomplish this yet. I do look forward to the day when it is possible. Just a matter of time hopefully.

    Analog vs. digital sound processing remind me of the whole CD/Album scenario. And look what happened there.

    Not a smart mouthed, useless reply I hope ,
  4. Stupidnick


    Mar 22, 2002
    ...my room...
    hey man
    im gonna go buy some gear soon when i get a new job (Just got fired).. I was thinking about the
    GT6-B or else that Roland VBass if i can afford it..
    I gotta dumb question man.. with the harmonizing effect and a distortion on does it sound like the big muff? or can you do it with the harmonizing effect by itself? I used to be an alll analog man until i tried the the V BASS but i haven't tried the GT6B and am very intrested.. Thanks for that info though man.
  5. Nick, I forgot to mention that the flexibility in programming the unit is one of the best things about the GT-6B. You can have pre-amp (amp modeling), compressor/limiter, distortion, speaker modeling, reverb/delay, chorus,noise suppressor, and then one each from two groups of modulation-type effects. You can program it so you select which effects can be turned off/on by the pedals, which effect or parameter is controlled by the expression pedal, and which effects/parameters are controlled by the "control" pedal. You can also put effects in any order you wish. The flexibility of programming of the GT-x units are the best. Sorry to hear about the job deal though. Good luck in finding a better job.

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